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Solo Sikoa Is Oddly In Midst Of a Major Losing Streak

  • Solo Sikoa WWE 1

    Solo Sikoa

    Joseph Yokozuna Fatu


    Sacramento, California

    Jimmy Uso (WWE), Jey Uso, Roman Reigns

    Notable Allies:
    Roman Reigns, Paul Heyman

    Notable Rivals:
    Sami Zayn

    Current Promotion:


    249 lbs


    Samoan Spike



    Eye Color:

    Hair Color:

    Jey Uso, Jimmy Uso



  • Despite being positioned as a future top star, Solo Sikoa is currently on a 0-23 losing streak after defeating John Cena at Crown Jewel.
  • While wins and losses don’t define a star’s success in WWE, it’s strange that Sikoa’s protection in matches has suddenly stopped.
  • Though Sikoa is still seen as a formidable force, his losing streak raises questions about why he beat Cena if he was going to lose repeatedly afterward.

Considering WWE has positioned Solo Sikoa over the past year to be an unstoppable force and one of the future top stars in the company, fans might be surprised to learn that Sikoa is in the midst of a huge losing streak. Following his defeat of John Cena at Crown Jewel, Sikoa is 0-23 in his last number of matches.

Sikoa has been talked about as a possible next-generation main event player for the WWE. To many, he was the heir apparent to Roman Reigns if The Tribal Chief ever left The Bloodline or WWE to take an even lighter schedule than he already has. The assumption, with his win over Cena, was that he was being positioned as a top star.

And, as much as wins and losses don’t necessarily dictate the success or failure of a star in WWE, it is odd that WWE has chosen to stop protecting Sikoa in his matches.

Sikoa has eaten several pins in tag matches and other bouts where he’s been positioned as somewhat of a set-up man. In fairness, not all of these losses have come on WWE programming, and to many those results don’t mean much. That said, his trajectory certainly has taken a downturn since Jey Uso left The Bloodline and the focus on the group has fallen off a bit in recent weeks.

Do Wins And Losses Matter In Sikoa’s Situation?

It’s fair to argue that the wins and losses record means very little if anything at all. Sikoa is still viewed as a formidable force and the heavy of The Bloodline. When he’s in a match, the belief is that he can take over at any moment and put nearly anyone away. Perhaps that’s the only character trait that WWE needs to worry about.

At the same time, why have him beat Cena if the plan is to have him lose repeated successive matches? It also takes away from the legacy of Cena, who did Sikoa a favor by selling the upcoming star in a major match.


John Cena Destroyed By Solo Sikoa At WWE Crown Jewel, Losing Streak Continues

Solo Sikoa shocked the world by demolishing John Cena at WWE Crown Jewel 2023!

Would Sikoa benefit from having a few matches where he completely dominates his opponents? At some point, if the losses keep piling up, it’s hard to position Sikoa as nearly unbeatable. Maybe all it will take is one big win.

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