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Stacy Keibler’s Relationship With Ric Flair’s Son, Explained


  • Stacy Keibler’s legacy extends beyond wrestling, with her high-profile relationships thrusting her into the tabloid spotlight.
  • Keibler’s relationship with David Flair was showcased on-screen, with their real-life breakup coinciding with the unresolved storyline.
  • Ric Flair had concerns about his son moving in with Keibler without discussing it first, and there were even proposed dramatic storyline endings involving their real-life romance.

Embarking on a journey through the world of professional wrestling, Stacy Keibler’s legacy extends beyond the squared circle, delving into the captivating tapestry of her personal life. While her wrestling career starting in WCW is marked by her long legs, charisma, and a spot in the WWE Hall of Fame, it is the chapters of her dating life that add a layer of intrigue to her narrative. Beyond the spotlight, Keibler’s one particular relationship intertwined with the drama of the wrestling ring, creating a captivating blend of on-screen storylines and off-screen complexities, and that was with Ric Flair’s son, David Flair. Fans of the past and present are still captivated with the mystique surrounding Stacy Keibler’s romantic entanglements, wanting to explore the highs, lows, and the untold tales that shaped this iconic figure’s journey in and out of the ring.







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Stacy Keibler’s Body Of Work In WCW And WWE

Stacy Keibler Was A WWE Diva


Stacy Keibler, celebrated not for her wrestling prowess but for her captivating presence, became an iconic figure in WWE and beyond. As a Nitro girl in WCW, she initially caught the audience’s attention with her energetic dance moves, setting the stage for her transition to WWE in 2001. However, it wasn’t Keibler’s in-ring skills that defined her legacy, but rather her striking physicality and undeniable charisma.

Standing at an impressive height, Keibler’s statuesque figure and long, enchanting legs turned her into a visual spectacle. Her entrance into the squared circle was a show in itself, and once in the ring, she brought a unique blend of athleticism and glamour. Keibler was part of various entertaining segments and matches with other WWE Divas, leaving an indelible mark on the wrestling landscape. Beyond the wrestling ring, Stacy Keibler’s public persona reached new heights as a result of her high-profile relationships. Her dalliances with fellow wrestlers like Test and Hollywood A-lister George Clooney thrust her into the spotlight, making her a tabloid favorite. The media couldn’t get enough of the leggy sensation who effortlessly blended the worlds of sports entertainment and celebrity glamour. But there was one of her lesser known relationships that we saw both on and off-screen, he one with Ric Flair’s son, David Flair.


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Stacy Keibler And David Flair’s Relationship

Stacy Keibler Dated David Flair In 2000

Stacy Keibler’s foray into romance within the wrestling world led her to an unexpected connection with David Flair, the son of the legendary Ric Flair. Their story began to unfold backstage in WCW, where professional relationships often intertwined with personal connections. Keibler candidly shared on The Howard Stern Show that their bond started as a friendship, gradually evolving into a romantic relationship in the year 2000. However, as the relationship progressed, it became apparent that the two were not on the same page in terms of commitment. Keibler revealed that David Flair was more serious about the relationship than she was. This dichotomy in their emotional investment eventually led to the dissolution of their romance.

Interestingly, WCW seized the opportunity to integrate their real-life connection into on-screen storytelling. At the time, David Flair was involved in an on-screen romance with another woman, and the creative team decided to weave Keibler into the narrative by making her steal Flair. The drama reached its zenith with a memorable wedding segment where Keibler dropped a bombshell – she claimed to be pregnant, but David Flair was not the father. The storyline took an abrupt turn, leaving Flair at the altar, and the unresolved plotline resulted in Keibler being taken off TV without a proper conclusion. Although most likely unrelated, Stacy Keibler and David Flair’s real-life breakup happened soon after as well.


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Ric Flair Talked About His Son Dating Stacy Keibler

David Flair And Stacy Keibler Lived Together

Ric Flair’s revelations in his book, To Be The Man, shed light on the behind-the-scenes drama of Stacy and David’s relationship. He said:

“David had a contract and was making a good living. He’d also begun going out with Stacy Keibler, who was playing the role of ‘Miss Hancock,’ a sexy secretary. Stacy’s a nice girl – and very hot – so everyone thought David was a lucky guy. As a father, though, I had a few concerns. He moved in with Stacy without talking to me first. I’m not saying I would have objected; I just wanted to have a discussion with my son about a decision like that. They found a condo in Baltimore, close to her family. That was another thing that I had questions about was he putting his own needs first?”

Ric also revealed the proposed storyline ending was equally dramatic. He said:

“On camera, (Vince) Russo had David and Stacy play up their real-life romance. He wanted to have them marry, only to discover that Stacy was my love child. He also considered doing a storyline in which David would find out that he was actually Russo’s son,”

Vince Russo was the top writer in WCW at the time but he departed from the company. In real life, Stacy moved on, marrying Jared Pobre, with whom she now has two daughters and a son.

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