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Steve Austin’s Wrestling Looks

Whenever one hears the name of Stone Cold Steve Austin, they immediately think of the bald Texas Rattlesnake who drank beer, used foul language and gave people the Stunner. It was this iconic image that not only made Steve Austin a household name but also took WWE to staggering new heights.


Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Definitive 10 Best Wrestling Matches, Ranked

Stone Cold Steve Austin is one of the biggest WWE stars of all time, but he also did great in WCW and ECW. Here are Austin’s 10 best matches, ranked.

But it’s too easy to forget that there were various incarnations of Steve Austin long before Stone Cold, in WCW, ECW and WWE. Even when immortalized as the Rattlesnake, there were so many aspects to Steve Austin’s character that made him multi-faceted and iconic.

10 The Ringmaster Was A Dull Image For Steve Austin – WWE (1996)

Austin’s First WWE Gimmick Saw Him Holding The Million Dollar Championship And Managed By Ted DiBiase

  • Austin first signed with WWE in December 1995.
  • His first WWE match was against Matt Hardy on the January 8, 1996 episode of Raw.
  • Austin was set to make the final four of the 1996 Royal Rumble match, but a botch eliminated him early.

When Austin made his WWE debut, the Ringmaster gimmick saw him wearing emerald-green trunks and being the protege of Ted DiBiase. The Million Dollar Man even went so far in his endorsement of Austin by giving him his prized Million Dollar Championship Belt.

The Ringmaster gimmick is considered a low-point in Austin’s career because it looked and felt more like the retired DiBiase trying to live on his career through Steve Austin. As great a gimmick/talker as the Million Dollar Man was, Austin didn’t need DiBiase to be successful.

9 Stunning Steve Austin Tangled With Some Of WCW’s Biggest Players – WCW (1991-1995)

Austin Was Managed By The Likes Of Paul Heyman, And Enjoyed An Intense Rivalry With Ricky Steamboat

  • Austin made his WCW debut in May 1991
  • Austin was also managed by Jeannie Adams (AKA Lady Blossom), who would become his second wife and mother of his children.
  • Austin joined Paul Heyman’s Dangerous Alliance in late 1991.

Steve Austin’s Stunning person is certainly a far-cry from Stone Cold. In WCW, Austin sported a dashing, blond comb-over and wore a black jacket (decorated with gold) to the ring.

Although Austin’s image proved more marketable without hair, Stunning Steve Austin was a persona that suited him well in his WCW days. And it’s a look that’s fondly remembered in his bouts with Ric Flair, Sting and Ricky Steamboat.

8 An Extreme Buzz Cut For Steve Austin – ECW (1995)

Austin Competed For The World Title Against Mikey Whipwreck And The Sandman

  • Austin was fired by Eric Bischoff from WCW on September 15, 1995.
  • Austin made his ECW debut on September 18, 1995 at Gangstas Paradise.
  • Still recovering from a tricep injury, Austin performed interviews whilst he healed.

Although Austin originally arrived in ECW with his trademark blond hair, it wasn’t long before he shaved it off. The formerly-Stunning Steve Austin had been battling thinning hair for years, and ultimately decided to go for a buzz cut.


5 Great Steve Austin Moments In WCW (& 5 From ECW)

Before he became the biggest star in wrestling as Stone Cold in WWE, Steve Austin had plenty of highlights with both WCW and ECW.

Austin’s time in ECW was one of transition, with the future Rattlesnake honing his craft as a serious talker. Austin would ultimately perfect the intense look for Stone Cold in WWE, but his look in ECW was a step in the right direction.

7 Steve-A-Mania Is Running Wild, Brother! – ECW Gangstas Paradise (1995)

Austin’s Time In ECW Saw Him Hone His Interview Skills, In Which He Lambasted WCW

  • Eric Bischoff fired Steve Austin from WCW because he deemed him ‘unmarketable’.
  • Paul Heyman paid Austin $500 a night to cut promos in ECW.
  • Austin returned to the ring at November To Remember 1995.

Austin’s first appearance took ECW fans completely by surprise. Now known as “Superstar” Steve Austin, the future Rattlesnake came dressed as Hulk Hogan, and began ruthlessly mocking The Hulkster.

To this day, it remains one of Austin’s most hilarious antics and brilliant promos. Still having blond hair at the time, Austin was able to pull off the look and segment flawlessly. It was an omen for not only Austin’s future putdowns of WCW & Eric Bischoff, but Stone Cold’s hilarious antics in the Attitude Era.

6 Going Hollywood Blonds With Brian Pillman – WCW (1992-1994)

Austin Was Originally Going To Receive A Singles Push Until WCW Management Put Him Together With Pillman

  • Then-booker Dusty Rhodes was the one who put Austin & Pillman together as The Hollywood Blonds.
  • Austin was initially unhappy about teaming with Pillman, as he’d been promised a US Title run with Harley Race as his manager.
  • Pillman came up with most of the ideas behind The Hollywood Blonds’ gimmick.

Austin’s “Stunning” image was already successful as a singles star, but it went even further with Brian Pillman. With Flyin’ Brian conceiving most of The Hollywood Blonds’ image, the end-result featured silver vests decorated with red stars and the initials of the partners’ nicknames.


Hollywood Blondes: 10 Things Fans Should Know About Steve Austin & Brian Pillman’s WCW Tag Team

The Hollywood Blondes are one of the greatest tag teams of all time. Here are some facts that fans probably forgot about this exciting WCW tag team.

With great fashion sense, and the use of Hollywood paraphernalia, The Hollywood Blonds certainly looked the part. Austin and Pillman clearly had tremendous fun with the gimmick, which further made the heelish team a hit.

5 The Co-General Manager/Sheriff Of Raw – WWE (2003/2004)

After The End Of His In-Ring Career, Austin Transitioned To A New Role In WWE

  • The neck injury sustained at SummerSlam 1997 ultimately forced Austin to retire from the ring.
  • The Rattlesnake’s final match was a loss to The Rock at WrestleMania 19.
  • The next night on Raw, Austin was fired by Eric Bischoff. Though Linda McMahon later reinstated him as the Co-General Manager.

The Rattlesnake had been the face of WWE for so long that it was hard to imagine him in any other role. But when Stone Cold’s in-ring career was over, Austin was able to find a new lease of life as an unlikely authority figure.

Being notoriously anti-establishment, Austin carried on with the same casual dress-sense; t-shirts, denim shorts, baseball caps & boots, all the while enforcing his new law riding his ATV quad-bike. No improvements were required for The Rattlesnake-in-charge.

4 An Older Rattlesnake Main-Events One Last WrestleMania – WWE WrestleMania 38

19 Years After His Last Match, Austin Finally Returned To The Ring For One Night Only

  • Kevin Owens invited Stone Cold to be a guest on the KO Show on March 7, 2022.
  • Austin accepted the invite – and KO’s subsequent challenge to a match – for WrestleMania 38.
  • The Rattlesnake had previously main-evented three WrestleManias, with his last being WrestleMania 17 in 2001.

Nobody ever thought that Stone Cold Steve Austin would – or even could – return to the ring again. Yet that’s what happened when Kevin Owens challenged the WWE Hall of Famer to an impromptu match for the main-event of WrestleMania 38 Night One.

Despite being fifty-seven years old at the time, Austin still looked as tough as ever. In great physical shape and dressed for the occasion, The Rattlesnake tore the house down one last time with Kevin Owens in a No Holds Barred match.

3 Stone Cold Was The Perfect Look For Steve Austin – WWE (1996-2022)

After Ditching The Ringmaster Moniker, Austin Finally Adopted The Gimmick That Made Him A Legend

  • Austin’s dissatisfaction with the Ringmaster gimmick led to him asking for a complete makeover.
  • After rejecting a list of unsuitable names provided by WWE creative, Steve Austin took the name “Stone Cold” after his then-wife Jeannie suggested it.
  • By March 11, 1996, Steve Austin began using the “Stone Cold” moniker.

Having successfully convinced WWE management about a new gimmick, Austin completed the makeover he’d started in ECW. Going completely bald, trimming his beard into a goatee, with plain black in-ring gear, the no-frills look suited the no-nonsense Stone Cold.

It was the perfect look to match the intensity of a man who proclaimed himself “The Toughest S.O.B. Of The WWE”. The Texas Rattlesnake was now a total package, and would go on to be arguably the biggest star in WWE history.

2 The Stone Cold Champion Of The World – WWE (1998/1999/2001)

Austin’s Image, Talent And Feud With Vince McMahon Made Him The Attitude Era’s Biggest Draw

  • Stone Cold Steve Austin won his first WWE Championship at WrestleMania 14, defeating Shawn Michaels.
  • Austin won six WWE World Championships throughout his career.
  • The Rattlesnake lost the WWE Championship for the final time at Vengeance 2001, when Chris Jericho defeated him to become Undisputed Champion.

When it became Austin’s time to finally carry the company on his shoulders, The Rattlesnake took the WWE Championship and never looked back. And he held the strap proudly over his shoulder, or carried it in-hand to the ring.


Every Stone Cold WWE Title Reign, Ranked

Stone Cold Steve Austin has held the WWE title six times. We take a look back his reigns and rank them from worst to best

The WWE Championship was simply made for Stone Cold, and he held it with such pride. More so when he unveiled his inspired, custom ‘Smoking Skull’ design for the world title belt.

1 The Bloody Rattlesnake That Would Never Quit – WWE WrestleMania 13

Austin’s Refusal To Submit To Bret Hart’s Sharpshooter Turned Him Into The WWE’s Biggest Hero

  • Austin’s feud with The Hitman began in 1996 when he challenged him to a match at Survivor Series.
  • Stone Cold later eliminated Bret Hart to win the 1997 Royal Rumble, despite Bret having already eliminated Austin.
  • Ken Shamrock was appointed the guest referee for the submission match at WrestleMania 13.

Many fans & critics have regarded the submission match at WrestleMania 13 as perhaps the greatest WrestleMania bout of all time, as well as the greatest match in the careers of both The Rattlesnake and The Hitman. It was certainly a major turning point in the career of Steve Austin.

In the bout’s thrilling climax, a bloody Stone Cold was trapped in Bret Hart’s Sharpshooter. Despite being helpless, the screaming Austin refused to surrender and ultimately passed out from the pain. As gruesome as the image is, it symbolizes just how resilient and valiant Stone Cold Steve Austin was, and has been immortalized in various WWE merchandise and media.

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