Wednesday, November 29

‘Steven Spielberg Sent A Helicopter To Talk To Me’

Will Smith’s iconic film “Men In Black” was a massive hit at the box office, but the actor was initially not interested in doing the movie. However, veteran filmmaker Steven Spielberg had convinced him.

In an interaction on the latest episode of Kevin Hart’s “Hart to Heart” show on Peacock, Will revealed that he had just finished shooting the alien movie “Independence Day” and was not interested in doing “Men In Black.” It was the executive producer of the movie, Spielberg, who eventually convinced him to star in the film.

“Steven Spielberg sent a helicopter for me. I was in New York. [He sent it] to talk to me. It landed at his house, and he had me at hello,” recalled Smith.

“Yeah, you can’t say no after you get off the helicopter,” opined Hart after Smith’s revelation.

“[I] get off the helicopter at his house, and it was the first time I ever had lemonade with carbonated water. You can’t say no to that,” added Smith.

Smith said Steven was straightforward and asked why he was not interested. “He said the coldest—. He said, ‘Tell me, tell me why you don’t want to make my movie… And he put the ellipsis at the end, it was the dot, dot, dot ‘Tell me why you don’t want to make my movie?,’” shared Smith.

“If he had continued, he would have said, ‘Joker, you know I made Jaws, right? You know I made E.T,’” said Smith.

Talking about “Men In Black,” it has four installments – “Men In Black” released in 1997, “Men In Black 2” released in 2002, “Men In Black 3” released in 2012, and “Men In Black International” released in 2019. However, Will was a part of the first three movies.

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