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Sting Needed To Be Talked Out Of Losing His Retirement Match

  • Sting AEW



    Omaha, Nebraska, USA

    Steve Borden

    6 feet 2 inches

    250 lbs


    Championships Held:
    WCW World Heavyweight Championship (x6), WCW United States Heavyweight Championship (x2), WCW International World Heavyweight Championship (x2), NWA World Heavyweight Championship (x2), TNA World Heavyweight Championship (x4), TNA World Tag Team Championship

    Current Promotion:

    Scorpion Deathdrop, Scorpion Deathlock


    Notable Allies:
    hulk hogan, kurt angle, darby Allin, Kevin Nash

    Notable Rivals:
    hulk hogan, seth rollins, kurt angle


    Eye Color:

    Hair Color:


  • Sting wanted to lose his retirement match but was overruled by AEW, leading to his unexpected victory.
  • The Tag Titles are now vacant, and a tournament will be held to crown new champions in the coming weeks.
  • Sting’s future in AEW is uncertain, as he is unsure of what role he wants to take on after retiring from in-ring competition.

The legendary almost-40-year career of Sting came to an end on Sunday night. The Icon successfully defended the AEW Tag Team Titles in Revolution’s main event and if he sticks to his word, which is easier said than done when it comes to retirement in wrestling, he will never compete in another match again. Perhaps a little surprising that Sting won as it’s tradition to lose your last match, and if it were up to the Hall of Famer, that’s exactly how things would have gone down.

Sting Wanted To Lose

According to Sports Illustrated, Sting was adamant that he should lose the last match of his career. That he should not only give The Young Bucks the Tag Team Titles but also something to brag about for the rest of their careers. That they were the ones who waved Sting off with a loss as he walked off into the sunset. However, The Bucks, Tony Khan, and everyone else with any sway in AEW insisted that not be the case.


WWE Congratulates AEW’s Sting On Raw, Praises “Epic” Retirement Match

A wrestler so iconic he can open the most forbidden of doors, even if it was only a little.

Khan and The Bucks believed it was not only important but necessary that Sting end his career on a win. SI’s report on the match explains that the idea was to give Sting the retirement match he wanted in every conceivable way, with the only point Khan and co. refused to budge on despite Sting’s request was the finish. Sting had to win, even if he didn’t want to, and immediately after the show, Khan confirmed the Tag Titles are now vacant and a tournament to crown new champions will take place in the coming weeks.

sting holding up a baseball bat

What’s Next For Sting?

Sting’s fate now his in-ring career is over is unknown. The man himself doesn’t even know what’s next, admitting after the match that he’s not sure what to do. AEW appears to have told him he can remain with the company in whatever capacity he likes. However, Sting has already let it be known he has no interest in becoming a manager or an agent, so currently doesn’t know if he has anything to offer AEW now he’s retired.

I don’t know what his role will be should he stay with AEW, but you’d have to think someone with a knowledge of the business that runs as deep as Sting’s could find something to do even though he’s not wrestling anymore. Even if he’s just a presence in the locker room. Someone younger stars go to for advice. That’s starting to sound a little too much like an agent, but simply put, someone with Sting’s mind should remain in the business, provided he wants to stick around.

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