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Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Most Iconic Quotes

Stone Cold Steve Austin is someone who every wrestling fan is familiar with, no matter their age, and that’s a credit to how over he’s been throughout his career. The Texas Rattlesnake brought a lot of intensity into the ring, and that led to him getting over as his matches were always entertaining to audiences.


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While the Stone Cold character didn’t play well with others, Steve Austin had plenty of close friendships throughout his wrestling career.

However, Austin was also a fantastic talker and that is what helped him truly become a main event star and a legend in the business. His ability on the microphone was high, and he would always capture people’s attention which has led to some iconic quotes that people will never forget from him.

Steve Austin Enjoys Drinking

“I Drank A Beer, I Drank Another Beer…”


  • Austin listed nine beers, and then a bloody Mary
  • This quote became popular on TikTok/Instagram Reels

A big part of Steve Austin’s gimmick was his love of beer drinking, which is something WWE tapped into plenty of times over the years. It led to some hilarious practical moments such as the famous beer bath or the countless Stunners he delivered while people were drinking.

However, this particular quote which saw him list off how many beers he had drank to Vince McMahon has become iconic for him. It’s something that has remained popular due to social media, and that’s something that has kept this one alive.

His Grocery Store Brawl Was Hilarious

“You Want Some Ketchup With That Ass-Whooping?”

  • Austin and Booker T brawled in a grocery store
  • The segment took place on SmackDown 12/13/01

Steve Austin might have been a serious main eventer, but he was never shy about being involved in comedic moments either. A great example of that is when he and Booker T ended up brawling around a grocery store, which was utterly ridiculous, but at the same time incredibly entertaining.


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This particular quote was a highlight of this moment, simply because it was so funny and absurd. Austin completely bought into the madness, and that is something that helped make it iconic.

Steve Austin Pays Mr. McMahon A Hospital Visit

“Calling Dr. Austin”

  • This took place on Raw, 10/5/98
  • This segment also saw Mick Foley debut, Mr. Socko

Another memorable quote that Steve Austin pulled out during a brawling segment took place when he turned up in a hospital to attack Vince McMahon. The two men were feuding at the time, and Austin pretended to be a doctor so he could get his hands on his former boss.

During the beatdown where he famously nailed McMahon in the head with a pan, he could be heard screaming, “Calling Dr. Austin,” which ended up being one of the funniest and most memorable quotes he ever pulled out.

Showcasing Some Vulnerability

“I Need To Beat You, Rock”

Steve Austin and The Rock with JR Cropped

  • This took place during a backstage sit-down interview with Jim Ross
  • It happened on SmackDown on 3/22/01

Steve Austin was always incredibly confident as a character, and that’s one of the reasons he was so popular with WWE fans. People knew they could take him seriously as someone who would run through people who got in his way, but that’s what made this particular quote so unique and memorable.

Austin openly admitting that he needed to beat The Rock isn’t something that people thought they would hear. However, it showcased how much the rivalry meant to him and added a new layer to his gimmick.

A Threat To Donald Trump

“I’ll Open Up An $8 Billion Can Of Whoop A** And Serve It To Ya”

Steve Austin promo to Donald Trump Cropped

  • This was done during the build to WrestleMania 23
  • Austin announced himself as the special guest referee in this segment

Steve Austin has no problem cutting scathing promos to anybody, and Donald Trump was no exception to that rule. Seeing someone truly take it to him was something that audiences actively wanted to witness, which helped to make this so memorable.

Austin making it clear he would be involved in the situation at WrestleMania 23 helped to make the situation even more intense, with this promo showcasing Austin’s ability to push anyone’s buttons.

A Warning & A Comeback

“Stone Cold Steve Austin Is Going To Open Up One Last Can Of Whoop A**”

  • This video package was to accept Kevin Owens’ invitation to the KO Show
  • It led to Austin wrestling Kevin Owens at WrestleMania 38

After 19 years had gone by without him wrestling a single match, nobody ever expected Steve Austin to get back into the ring and wrestle. That is what made this particular video segment so iconic, because it was the Texas Rattlesnake accepting a return, which audiences couldn’t believe.

Austin blending his old catchphrase in while confirming it would be his last time competing was masterfully done, with this giving modern fans an intense Austin quote to latch onto.

Standing Face-To-Face With Mike Tyson

“The World’s Toughest Son Of A B****”

Stone Cold Steve Austin Vs. Mike Tyson Cropped

  • This moment happened on Raw 1/19/98
  • It helped build toward WrestleMania 14

When Mike Tyson entered the world of WWE he was one of the biggest names in the world, which just so happened to be the case for Steve Austin as well. Putting them together in a segment was a blockbuster moment for the company, and something that helped take Austin to a new level.


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Hearing him tell the boxer this line showcased just how confident the Texas Rattlesnake was at this point. The fact he was happy to stand up to someone who the world considered to be one of the badest men on the planet was a special moment in his career, which made this quote memorable in turn.

Full Of Self Confidence

“I Truly Am The WWE Champion”

Steve Austin backstage promo Cropped

  • This was done during the show as he spoke to commentary
  • It was part of the build to his WrestleMania 13 match

This particular Steve Austin interview was one of the most intense that he ever brought as he spoke with passion and seriousness in the build to his WrestleMania 13 match against Bret Hart. The fact it was done while he was backstage speaking to the commentray team it became a brilliant promo.

Austin spoke about how he had fought through injuries and wasn’t given the same respect as others. He spoke with real confidence and had no problem making sure everyone knew how focused he was at that point.

A Classic Catchphrase

“And That’s The Bottom Line, Because Stone Cold Said So”

  • It’s a catchphrase he said consistently
  • It has become one of the most well-known quotes in WWE history

A catchphrase in WWE can certainly help any performer as it gives audiences something to latch onto, and Steve Austin had one of the best in WWE history. Hearing him drop this line at the end of his promo segments was a great way for him to wrap things up as it suited his character so well.


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It gave the WWE Universe something to chant along with, which instantly helped Austin get over. However, the fact that this quote still gets said to this day is proof that it had had a long-lasting impact.

A Post King Of The Ring Speech

“Austin 3:16 Says I Just Whooped Your Ass”

  • Austin said this after winning the 1996 King Of The Ring
  • It led to one of the most popular WWE shirts of all time

Out of every quote that Steve Austin has ever come up with, this is the one that is the most memorable and iconic. Austin was a talented worker at this stage in his career, but this particular segment helped to take him to a completely different level after he became the King Of The Ring.

Winning the tournament was a big deal, but this particular phrase proved to be more impactful. It helped to turn his character into something completely different, transforming his career as a whole.

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