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Teddy Long Claims John Laurinatis Held Him Back Based On The Color Of His Skin

The very serious allegations against John Laurinaitis continue to pile up.

The wrestling world was recently rocked by a lawsuit filed against Vince McMahon. The lawsuit alleges McMahon sexually assaulted and trafficked former WWE employee Janel Grant. The only other person named in the lawsuit is former WWE executive, John Laurinaitis. Laurinaitis’s lawyer has since claimed his client was a victim of McMahon, not someone who acted alongside him. However, Hall of Famer Teddy Long likely doesn’t agree with that.

Bias Based On The Color Of His Skin

Perhaps the best-known SmackDown GM to date, and someone who has been involved in the wrestling business for decades, Long recently made some very serious accusations against Laurinatis during an appearance on Sportskeeda’s Wrestling Binge (H/T to SEScoops for the transcription).

I don’t hold my tongue back on John Laurinaitis. One of the worst pieces of sh*t on this planet… He is a man who is going to stop me from making a living because of the color of my skin, not because I’m not doing my job.

Long didn’t take back what he said, but he did change the subject shortly after the comments above, likely through fear of legal action being brought against him. He’s far from the only one with bad things to say about Laurinaitis right now, though. In fact, the conversation that led to Long sharing his opinion on someone he worked with for many years followed a discussion highlighting what Ronda Rousey had to say about Laurinatis in her new book.

Teddy Long Armageddon 2004 Cropped

Accusations Against Laurinaitis

Unsurprisingly, The Rowdy One didn’t have anything positive to say about the former WWE executive. Rousey refers to Laurinatis as a “dirtbag” in her book when relaying a time in WWE when he was working in NXT. She also pokes fun at his voice, noting that the Johnny Laryngitis moniker some gave him was one of the nicer things he got called behind the scenes in WWE.

Laurinaitis was gone from WWE long before he was named in the Grant lawsuit. The wrestlers-turned-Raw GM was quietly released by WWE during the summer of 2022, weeks after McMahon retired amid the original sexual assault allegations made against him. There don’t appear to be many in wrestling who have anything nice to say about Laurinatis with AEW’s Jim Ross regularly letting fans know how he feels about him.

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