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The 10 best technical wrestlers in AEW history

One of the reasons why wrestling is so special is because the competitors present different styles. The main ones are high flight, power, fighting and technique. A technical wrestler relies on grappling moves, mat wrestling, and submissions. They are usually smaller than other fighters, but their technical ability is impeccable.

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Throughout the history of wrestling there have been many incredible technical wrestlers, such as Bret Hart, Kurt Angle, Curt Hennig, and Hiroshi Tanahashi, among others. In AEW, There have also been several great technical fighters, and they are worth checking out. Here are the best technical wrestlers in AEW history.



10 Kyle O’Reilly


Kyle O’Reilly has always been a top notch technical wrestler and has proven it in every promotion he has worked for. He seemed like he was reaching his full potential in AEW and could finally become a mainline wrestler, because he was hot. , putting in outstanding performances every time he stepped into the ring, and he was blowing away the fans. Unfortunately, he suffered an injury and has been out of action for a year, but that brilliant six-month stint is enough to consider him one of the best technical wrestlers to ever come through AEW.


Pac All Atlantic Champion

PAC isn’t exactly a technical fighter, he’s more of the complete package, as he can also pull off high-flying, power moves, not to mention his matches are all about hard-hitting, fast-paced action. But even so, PAC has an extraordinary technique, he is very good in terms of grappling and submission movements, and he shows it in all his fights, so it was impossible to leave him out of this list.



Fans used to think that MJF was mediocre in the ring, but MJF has slowly proven them wrong. As it turns out, MJF is much more than just a cocky elite talker, as he’s also an excellent all-around fighter, including great technique. MJF is a very good in-ring fighter capable of adapting to any circumstance or role, against any opponent. The storytelling of him and the psychology of him in the ring are great, and his wrestling on the mat is top notch.

7 cassidy orange


Orange Cassidy emerged as a comedy wrestler, whose gimmick was incomprehensible to some fans. However, over time it has become clear that he is an excellent fighter, that he has excellent technique. Cassidy is a technical fighter who can pull off high-flying moves.

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His games have always been good, but since 2022, and especially in 2023, he is on fire, living the best moment of his career. Orange Cassidy is a hard worker who deserves more credit than he gets.

6 dax harwood

Dax Harwood posing

Despite being a tag team wrestler, Dax Harwood has proven to be one of the best technical wrestlers in AEW history. His style is similar to Kurt Angle’s, as he has submission moves and is an expert grappler, but at the same time he is very intense and explosive. Also, Harwood knows very well how to tell a story in the ring and his psychology in the ring is remarkable. Cash Wheeler is great, but Dax Harwood is the main person responsible for the success of FTR.

5 Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho AEW 4

Chris Jericho is past his prime, but still, he is one of the best technical wrestlers in AEW history. He faced his AEW career without his trademark athleticism and agility, since he’s over 50, but that didn’t stop him from shining.

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Jericho’s matches are still great, and that’s because his technique is still extraordinary, and his experience is also a factor in his favor. Jericho is a genius, and it’s impressive how he manages to adapt to any of his opponents to have an outstanding match.

4 serene


It’s hard to believe that Serena Deeb hasn’t been a successful WWE wrestler, because she is extremely talented and she showed it in AEW. There is no woman who has wrestled for AEW with better wrestling and submission moves than Serena Deeb. Her grappling skills are on another level and her submission moves seem very painful, not to mention she executes them perfectly. She is undoubtedly one of the best technical fighters in AEW history.

3 hikaru shida

hikaru shida

When you think of the best women’s matches in AEW history, Hikaru Shida was involved in most of them, as she is a phenomenal technical wrestler. Her move set is extraordinary, and she executes every move smoothly and fluidly, and that makes her offense amazing. Also, she is second to none in sales and always makes her opponents look great, even though she has been misusing herself lately.

2 kenny omega

kenny omega
via AEW

Kenny Omega is one of the best fighters of all time. Yes, certainly Dave Meltzer sometimes exaggerates with his ratings, but Omega deserves every one of his five-star matches.

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Omega’s moveset is pretty much perfect, as he has several amazing technical moves and knows exactly how and when to execute them, making his matches unique. It’s true that the AEW version of Omega falls short of the NJPW version of him, but he’s still awesome.

1 bryan danielson

Bryan Danielson posing on the AEW top rope.

Bryan Danielson could not be missing from this list, since he is not only possibly the best technical fighter in AEW history, but also one of the best in wrestling history. Since he came to AEW in 2021, Danielson has held several technical wrestling clinics, elevating each of his opponents. Danielson has had phenomenal fights against Kenny Omega, Adam Page, MJF, Daniel Garcia, Jon Moxley, Rush, Konosuke Takeshita, Bandido, Matt Sydal… pretty much anyone. Danielson is a technical fighting machine and he delivers every time he steps into the ring.

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