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The 10 Worst WWE Wrestlers Who Vied For A World Championship At SummerSlam

After wrestling mania, summer festival It is WWE’s largest and most prestigious PPV, as it is an event that has been held since 1988, a setting where the best wrestlers in history have competed and where several memorable moments have been experienced.

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That being said, you’d think only the biggest stars compete at SummerSlam, especially when it comes to world title matches, but sometimes average or mediocre wrestlers somehow get a world title match at The Biggest Party Of The Summer. So without further ado, let’s take a look at the 10 worst wrestlers in WWE to challenge for a World Championship at SummerSlam.

10 Goldberg

Bobby Lashley v Goldberg SummerSlam 2021 cropped

Certainly Goldberg is a wrestling legend and was one of the biggest stars in WCW history. However, Goldberg earned a spot on this list when he faced WWE Champion Bobby Lashley at SummerSlam 2021. At that time, Goldberg was already past his prime, he was very old and his skills had deteriorated, so he had already become one of the worst wrestlers in WWE. So that 2021 version of Goldberg is one of the worst fighters to challenge for a World Championship at SummerSlam.

9 nikki ash

Charlotte Flair v Nikki ASH v Rhea Ripley SummerSlam 2021 cropped

Nikki Cross has always been a decent wrestler, but she’s admittedly not SummerSlam material. However, in the midst of her unexpected push with her Almost a Super Hero gimmick, Nikki defended the RAW Women’s Championship at SummerSlam 2021 in a Triple Threat match against Charlotte Flair and Rhea Ripley, in a match that The Queen won. So Nikki has never been one of the top stars, and seeing her suddenly defend a title at The Biggest Party Of The Summer was weird and felt rushed.

8 The last Warrior


The Ultimate Warrior was an icon of WWE, a very important fighter for the company, but that does not change the fact that he was one of the worst fighters to compete for a World Championship in summer festival.

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Truthfully, The Ultimate Warrior was a below-average worker, with mediocre in-ring skills and overhyped promotions. He had two WWE title matches in summer festivalone against Rick Rude in 1990, and the other against Randy Savage in 1992, and he won them both.

7 lex luger

Lex Luger celebrating a countout victory against Yokozuna for the championship

Lex Luger was undoubtedly a huge star in the 1990s, but he was never as talented as other top fighters. Luger was an ordinary performer in the ring, his arsenal of moves was basic and he didn’t know how to tell a story in the ring. Also, he was a mediocre conversationalist.

That being said, Luger would never have a world title match at SummerSlam in the modern era, but he did in 1993, when he faced WWE Champion Yokozuna and defeated him by countout.

6 alice fox

Melina vs Alicia Fox SummerSlam 2010

In Summer Slam 2010, Alicia Fox defended the Divas Championship against Melina. Yes, Alicia Fox entered the Biggest Party of the Summer as the Divas Champion. Fox wasn’t the worst fighter of her time, but she was far from her best. She had some great moves, but she was sloppy and frequently missed, not to mention lacking in microphone skills. Fox ended up losing the match and giving the title to Melina.

5 kelly kelly

Kelly Kelly v Beth Phoenix SummerSlam 2011 cropped

It’s no secret to anyone that Kelly Kelly got a WWE contract solely because of her looks and sex appeal, because her wrestling skills were mediocre. Even though she didn’t have what it takes to be on a SummerSlam card, she did successfully defend the Divas title against Beth Phoenix at Summer Slam 2011. This is just proof of how bad the Divas division was back then.

4 Bulls

Ivory v Tori SummerSlam 1999 cropped

Tori had a women’s title match against Ivory at Summer Slam 1999. Ivory was quite talented, one of the best workers of her generation, but Tori, on the other hand, left a lot to be desired in her WWE career. She contributed little or nothing to the company, she did not have good games or good moments, and that is why she has been forgotten by the fans. That is precisely why she was one of the worst fighters to have a world title at the biggest party of the summer.

3 Mabel

Diesel v Rey Mabel SummerSlam 1995 Cropped

Mabel was a poor worker, as she couldn’t do a promo to save her life, and most of her matches were lousy. However, for some inexplicable reason, Mabel received a huge boost in 1995, becoming King Of The Ring and headlining summer hit 1995 in a match against WWE Champion Diesel. This is a reflection of how bad WWE was in 1995.

2 jinder mahal

Jinder Mahal v Shinsuke Nakamura SummerSlam 2017 cropped

Jinder Mahal is considered one of the worst world champions in WWE history, and yes, his title reign was during the summer of 2017. So Mahal defended the WWE title against Shinsuke Nakamura in Summer Slam 2017in perhaps one of the worst matches in the history of the event.

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Mahal was always a boring fighter, an ordinary fighter in the ring, and he never had what it took to have a world title match at a world class event like SummerSlam.

1 the great khali

Triple H v The Great Khali SummerSlam 2008 cropped

Speaking of the worst world champions in WWE history, The Great Khali automatically comes to mind. We’re talking about one of the worst wrestlers to ever step foot in a WWE ring, and yet he was a World Heavyweight Champion, which was another brilliant idea from Vince McMahon. The Great Khali competed for a World Championship in summer festival not once, but twice. First it was in 2007, when he defended the gold against Batista, and the following year he unsuccessfully challenged WWE Champion Triple H.

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