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The First 10 WWE Wrestlers To Defeat The Undertaker (In Chronological Order)

WWE Hall of Famer The Undertaker is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. The Undertaker had a three-decade WWE career which began at Survivor Series 1990 and ended at Survivor Series 2020. WWE had major plans for The Undertaker, as he was rarely beaten in one-on-one matches in the first few years of his legendary run with WWE. Undertaker won the WWE Championship at Survivor Series 1991 by defeating Hulk Hogan, and with the victory, he became the then youngest WWE Champion ever at the age of 26.

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The Undertaker was only beaten a handful of times in one-on-one matches in the early part of the ’90s, which is a phenomenal achievement. The focus on The Undertaker’s first losses in his WWE career will be strictly one-on-one matches that were televised bouts.

10 The Ultimate Warrior

The Undertaker v The Ultimate Warrior WWE on MSG July 1, 1991 Cropped

The Undertaker collided with The Ultimate Warrior in a body bag match on the July 1, 1991 edition of WWE on MSG Network. Undertaker was close to defeating Warrior as he had Warrior’s body firmly placed into the body bag, but Warrior found a way to fight out of it as his arms were not entirely secured.

Warrior quickened the pace and he nailed Undertaker with a trio of clotheslines. He retrieved the urn from Paul Bearer’s clutches and he nailed Undertaker in the head with it. Warrior placed Undertaker into the body bag to secure the victory. Afterward, Undertaker sat up and Bearer released him from the body bag.

9 Tito Santana

Tito Santana Cropped

The Undertaker had an underrated wrestling match with Tito Santana in Barcelona, Spain on October 5, 1991. Santana had the Spanish crowd firmly behind him and the atmosphere was electric. When the referee was knocked down, The Undertaker attempted to put Santana into a body bag.

Santana managed to claw his way out of it, and he executed a hat-trick of piledrivers onto The Undertaker. Similar to Undertaker’s loss to Warrior, the urn was the difference-maker as Santana nailed Undertaker with the urn and he picked up the win in the process.

8 Hulk Hogan

Undertaker v Hogan This Tuesday In Texas 1991 Cropped

The Undertaker defeated Hulk Hogan at Survivor Series 1991 to become the WWE Champion for the first time at the age of 26. Just six days later, Undertaker defended his newly won title against Hogan in a rematch at This Tuesday in Texas.

They had a decent match here with the Hulkster determined to regain the WWE Championship. Similar to their encounter at Survivor Series, Ric Flair and Undertaker’s manager Paul Bearer interfered several times. However, it backfired this time, as Hogan clocked Undertaker with the urn and Hogan rolled him up to become a four-time WWE Champion.

7 Sid Justice

The Undertaker v Sid Justice UK Rampage 1992 Cropped

Sid Justice was coming off the back of a dreadful WrestleMania main event against Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania 8, and at UK Rampage 1992, The Undertaker squared off with Sid. They had a standoff and Sid attacked Undertaker when the Deadman’s back was turned.

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The pair would clash over the WWE Championship in the main event of WrestleMania 13 which The Undertaker prevailed. This match was average, and Sid’s manager Harvey Wippleman didn’t hesitate to interfere. Sid rammed Undertaker into the ring post, and Sid triumphed by count-out as Undertaker was unable to make it back into the ring on time.

6 Yokozuna

Yokozuna v The Undertaker Royal Rumble 1994 Cropped

The Undertaker was the heavy favorite to dethrone Yokozuna for the WWE Championship at the 1994 Royal Rumble. Yokozuna was deathly afraid of caskets, and Undertaker built a custom double-wide, double-deep casket for Yokozuna.

There were several times that both men were placed into the casket and they fought their way out of it. Undertaker was closing in on his second WWE Championship reign, but multiple heels interfered to give Yokozuna a helping hand. Yokozuna managed to retain the WWE Championship, and Undertaker was off-screen for seven months until he returned to action at SummerSlam 1994.

5 Mabel

King Mabel Cropped

The 1995 King of the Ring tournament will arguably go down in history as the worst King of the Ring tournament in the history of the event. In the quarter-finals, The Undertaker squared off with Mabel, and this was the first time that Undertaker competed on a King of the Ring pay-per-view.

This was an underwhelming match, and Undertaker dominated large portions of the match. Once again, interference played a part in an Undertaker defeat as Kama Mustafa got involved in proceedings. Mabel upset Undertaker and he went on to win the King of the Ring tournament. This was Undertaker’s first pinfall loss on a pay-per-view since This Tuesday in Texas 1991 to Hulk Hogan.

4 Goldust

Goldust v Undertaker In Your House Beware Of Dog 1996 Cropped copy

The Intercontinental Championship eluded Undertaker from his legendary WWE career, and he challenged Goldust for the Intercontinental Championship at In Your House: Beware of Dog. This was the first time that the Intercontinental Championship was defended in a Casket Match, and Undertaker was the overwhelming favorite to emerge victorious.

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The Undertaker appeared in the ring behind Goldust whilst the Bizarre One was expecting Undertaker to make his entrance down the aisle. Goldust had a good outing here, but he was close to losing the Intercontinental Championship as Undertaker executed the Tombstone Piledriver. Ultimately, Mankind emerged from the casket, and he cinched in the debilitating Mandible Claw with Goldust managing to retain the gold.

3 The British Bulldog

The Undertaker v The British Bulldog Raw June 10, 1996 Cropped

The Undertaker and The British Bulldog had two huge matches on the horizon at King of the Ring 1996, with Undertaker clashing with his nemesis Mankind, and Bulldog challenging Shawn Michaels for the WWE Championship once again. This was a hard-hitting match, and Bulldog showcased his strength by suplexing Undertaker with ease.

“Rest in Peace” chants for The Undertaker reverberated around the arena, and they countered each other’s respective finishers in a solid match. Bulldog defeated Undertaker, albeit by count-out as Mankind appeared from under the ring, and he held his foot, preventing the Phenom from re-entering the ring.

2 Mankind

Mankind v The Undertaker King of the Ring 1996 Cropped

Speaking of The Undertaker and Mankind’s King of the Ring 1996 encounter. They finally locked horns, and Undertaker got the upper hand as Mankind was awaiting him. Paul Bearer came down the aisle as Undertaker executed a flying clothesline from the top rope.

This was an underrated match in their series of matches that often get lost in the shuffle. Mankind was on the receiving end of a chair shot to the head, and Bearer accidentally clocked Undertaker with the urn, which allowed Mankind to pick up his first win over Undertaker with the Mandible Claw.

1 Steve Austin

Steve Austin v The Undertaker Raw July 29, 1996 Cropped

The Undertaker and Steve Austin closed out the July 29, 1996 edition of Raw, and it was a superb match between the two future rivals. The reigning King of the Ring winner stood up to The Undertaker, but the Deadman wasn’t going down without a fight.

Undertaker performed a chokeslam on Austin off the top rope, and Undertaker was looking to seal the deal with the Tombstone. However, Mankind proved to be a thorn in Undertaker’s side once more, as Austin defeated Undertaker via count-out.

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