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The Hilarious Superhero Gimmick Of Roman Reigns’ Brother, Explained


  • Before his quirky superhero gimmick, Rosey was part of the tag team Three Minute Warning, known for their ruthless and aggressive style.
  • Rosey embraced the role of “Super Hero In Training” alongside The Hurricane, bringing lighthearted comedy and athleticism to the ring.
  • Despite their success and capturing the World Tag Team Championships, tensions eventually led to the dissolution of Rosey and The Hurricane’s partnership, and Rosey struggled to find success in WWE afterward. Tragically, Rosey passed away at the age of 47 in 2017.

In the world of WWE, Roman Reigns has undoubtedly emerged as one of the biggest superstars of the current era. As the Tribal Chief leading The Bloodline ,his dominance has been unmatched. However, before Roman’s rise to fame, his brother, Rosey, sought to make his mark in WWE but never reached his full potential. Initially recognized for his tag team with the future Umaga as Three Minute Warning, Rosey later took on a quirky superhero gimmick that left a lasting impression on fans and showcased his versatility as a performer. However, it also turned out to be his last gimmick in WWE altogether.

Rosey And The Future Umaga Were A Tag Team Called Three Minute Warning

Before Rosey donned the cape and embraced the quirky superhero persona, he first made waves in WWE as part of the formidable tag team Three Minute Warning. Alongside his partner Jamal, who would later be repackaged as Umaga, the duo formed a destructive force that struck fear into the hearts of their opponents. Three Minute Warning was known for their ruthless and aggressive style, leaving a path of destruction in the ring.


Despite their undeniable talent, Three Minute Warning was more of a wrecking ball than a nuanced character-driven team. Rosey, in particular, hadn’t yet found the unique identity that would set him apart from other wrestlers, but that was about to change when an unexpected alliance with The Hurricane presented a new opportunity.

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Rosey As The Super Hero In Training

WWE tried to be clever with the name of his gimmick being the “Super Hero In Training ” as the acronym was already comical enough. In 2003, The Hurricane, who had his own superhero persona, saw untapped potential in Rosey. The Hurricane’s character was already a hit with the fans, and WWE clearly believed that bringing Rosey into the superhero world would add an exciting dynamic to the partnership. Rosey accepted the challenge and embraced the gimmick with gusto. Donning a colorful and odd superhero outfit, Rosey quickly transformed into the lovable and sometimes bumbling “Super Hero In Training.” His character became an endearing mix of earnestness and clumsiness, which endeared him to the audience. Alongside The Hurricane, they formed an unlikely but delightful duo that stood out in WWE’s larger-than-life landscape.


As the Super Hero In Training, Rosey’s persona had a different approach compared to his previous aggressive wrestling style as part of Three Minute Warning. He brought lighthearted and comedic energy to the ring, captivating fans with his unique blend of humor and athleticism. The dynamic between The Hurricane and Rosey struck a chord with viewers, and they quickly became fan favorites. Their in-ring chemistry was evident, as they combined The Hurricane’s high-flying acrobatics with Rosey’s impressive strength and power moves. Beyond the action in the ring, Rosey’s superhero persona gave him the chance to showcase his comedic talents and connect with the audience on a personal level. His goofy antics, such as attempting to save the day in unconventional and amusing ways, brought a smile to the faces of fans. Some memorable acts included Rosey helping an old woman cross the street and somehow miraculously changing his clothes.

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Rosey And The Hurricane’s Tag Team Achievements In WWE

Their hard work and dedication paid off in May 2005, when they achieved a remarkable feat by capturing the World Tag Team Championships. The victory was a testament to their undeniable chemistry and commitment to entertaining the audience. However, like all good things in wrestling, the superhero alliance eventually faced its challenges. As they soon lost their championships, tensions began to arise between The Hurricane and Rosey. The storyline led to an inevitable clash between the two, resulting in The Hurricane turning on his “Super Hero In Training” partner.


After the curtain fell on Rosey’s superhero gimmick, his WWE career took an unfortunate turn. Despite his undeniable potential as a wrestler and his entertaining performances, Rosey struggled to find a foothold in the company after the dissolution of his tag team with The Hurricane. The creative landscape in WWE can be challenging for many wrestlers, and Rosey’s character seemed to have lost its momentum, leading to his eventual release from the company. Following his departure from WWE, Rosey continued to pursue his passion for wrestling on the independent circuit. He wrestled for various promotions, trying to reinvent himself and showcase his abilities to a broader audience. While he enjoyed some success during this time, the spotlight that he once had in WWE was not quite the same.

Unfortunately, the wrestling world was met with devastating news in April 2017 when it was announced that Rosey had passed away at the young age of 47. As fans look back on his career and the joy he brought to the ring as the endearing “Super Hero In Training,” they can’t help but wonder what role Rosey might have played in the ever-evolving landscape of WWE, especially considering the remarkable success of The Bloodline storyline led by his brother, Roman Reigns.

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