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The Most Risque Segment In WWE History, Explained

Edge is truly one of the most iconic WWE superstars of all time and he deserves all the accolades and recognition he’s received throughout his career. However, what really made Edge so special as a performer was his ability as a heel. He knew just what buttons to push on the audience, and this is also what made his feud with John Cena so good. At the very beginning of this feud came a segment that has been forever etched in WWE history for good and for bad. On January 9th, 2006, Edge and Lita’s characters decided to celebrate Edge’s first world title win by having sex in the middle of the ring.

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UPDATE: 2023/10/10 16:30 EST BY MICHAEL CHIN

The Live Sex Celebration has lived on throughout time. To be fair, it did fit Edge’s Rated R Superstar persona, not to mention the heel character Lita portrayed at the time. However, revelations about how uncomfortable both performers were to be involved in this spectacle on live television have tarnished it. While a lot of fans already found the premise and its execution awkward, the sense that the performers themselves were coerced into such an overtly sexualized display is pretty concerning. It’s a testament to both performers that they developed legacies in the business such that this segment has become a mere footnote in a pair of legitimate Hall of Fame careers.

Edge Won His First World Title By Cashing In Money In The Bank On John Cena

Edge WWE Champion New Year's Revolution 2006 Cropped

At New Year’s Revolution 2006, Edge made history by cashing in a Money in the Bank contract for the first time. After a grueling Elimination Chamber match that Cena only barely won, Vince McMahon came out to announce that the show was not over. The Ultimate Opportunist picked his spot and cashed in on Cena. Two spears later, and Edge was the new WWE Champion.

Nowadays, the Money in the Bank is such an engrained fixture in WWE, but in 2006, nobody had actually any idea that the anytime, anywhere stipulation actually meant anytime, anywhere. Therefore, it was actually shocking to see Edge come out and challenge Cena in that way, but it fit Edge’s character so perfectly as the cowardly heel. That raises the question, though. What does the perfect heel do when they win the WWE title for the first time?

Edge And Lita Have A Live Sex Celebration In The Main Event Of Raw

Edge Lita LIve Sex Celebration

That was the question Vince McMahon asked his creative team. Former writer, Christopher DeJoseph answered, “If I were Edge, I would have sex in the middle of the ring with my girlfriend.” Vince’s eyes lit up, and he booked it immediately. Vince was drooling at all the possibilities that a segment like this could provide, so there was just no changing his mind about this, and the celebration was on for the Raw after New Year’s Revolution.

Sure enough, they went through with it. The opening segment had John Cena come out and do his thing until Lita came out to trash Cena, the locker room, and the fans, but more importantly, to officially announce the Live Sex Celebration for that night. This was hyped throughout the night by the commentators. Finally, Edge showed up to the arena, and he and Lita made their way to the ring.

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The lights changed and music started playing. They both actually start taking their clothes off, Edge put Lita in a doggy position, pulls her hair, unclips her bra, and they both got into the bed. The commentators were actually commentating on everything on-screen. A lot of rustling went on under the blankets until Edge poked his head out with Lita’s panties in his mouth. A little more rustling ensued until the famous, “Wooooo” hit.

Ric Flair, whom Edge had been feuding with, made his way to the stage to tell Edge that he is, “dead in bed, friend” and that he was going to show him how it’s done. He made his way to the ring, and they start attacking each other until Edge attacked Flair with a chair. However, Cena then attacked Edge, who ran off up the ramp. Cena saw Lita still in the bed, naked and helpless. After a bit of teasing, he ripped the blankets off to show that Lita had changed into Edge’s clothes. Cena hit Lita with the FU and the segment along with the show ended.

Even Though The Raw Did Great Ratings, Edge And Lita Had No Interest In The Segment

In all fairness, this is exactly what the characters of Edge and Lita would do. However, for Adam Copeland and Amy Dumas, the same can’t necessarily be said. No one could blame them either, and Lita especially was extremely uncomfortable for good reason. She went to Edge and Cena who tried to fight the segment, but as previously mentioned, there was no changing Vince’s mind on this one. Lita even got told that if she didn’t go through with it, she’d be fired. She ended up doing it and was quite professional about it, but it was also a huge reason for her retiring later that year.

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It may have been a rather large breach of ethics, but management must’ve been ecstatic when they learned that this episode of Raw did a 5.2 rating. It had been over a year since they hit a 5. They say that sex sells and this gave Edge some heel ammunition, so in the eyes of Vince McMahon and the rest of the higher ups, the Live Sex Celebration was a victory.

Lita’s WWE Career After The Live Sex Celebration


While it’s clear both Edge and Lita were uncomfortable with what happened during the Live Sex Celebration segment, both had legendary enough careers both before and especially after this moment that they’ve largely compelled fans to forget about it. In Lita’s case, her heel persona would carry on, including being integral to the Women’s Championship scene right up to her retirement. From there, after a Hall of Fame induction, she has wrestled part time for WWE, including outstanding runs in 2022 and 2023 that quite arguably represented some of her best performances ever. Her work, which largely revolved around first feuding with, then teaming with Becky Lynch, was all the more remarkable because Lita is deep into her forties.

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Edge’s Wrestling Career Will Continue In AEW

Picture showing Edge's AEW signing

Meanwhile, the Live Sex Celebration was an early pit stop in Edge’s time as a main eventer. He had just won his first world title and would go on to win ten more, besides winning two Royal Rumbles and main-eventing WrestleMania twice. He came back from his own retirement, defying what doctors at in 2011 thought he’d ever be able to do, and went on to have a memorable WWE run, before going on to sign with AEW to, among other things, finish out his career working with his best friend Christian Cage.

To this day, the Live Sex Celebration is brought up in wrestling discussions as it is one of the most controversial moments in wrestling. However, in the end, this is the kind of stuff that brings the eyes and the numbers are there to prove it. It wasn’t the best look for the company, but that was also kind of the point. Edge was the Rated R Superstar. He wasn’t called that for petting kittens. Lita and Edge are well known by the live sex celebration, but they’re not defined by it.

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