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The most useless WWE signings of each year in the 90s

Since its inception, WWE he has managed to have a pretty stacked roster most of the time. This is only possible because WWE keeps signing fresh new talent from time to time, and featuring them in front of their huge audience.

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However, it is impossible to keep a perfect list all the time. Many times, WWE makes mistakes, and ends up signing useless talent. In the 1990s, we saw a lot of signings of this type, where WWE did not benefit from the people signed.

10 1990: Sheba Simba

Saba Simba WWE

Saba Simba was a gimmick played by Tony Atlas, who had already had a couple of WWE runs in the 1980s, where he even won the World Tag Team Championship alongside Rocky Johnson. He returned to WWE for a second time in 1990 under a new gimmick, Saba Simba.

He played the character of a Ugandan tribal warrior wearing a headdress and carrying a shield and spear. Vince McMahon claimed on television that Atlas had rediscovered his roots. Saba Simba was supposed to fight Akeem, but it failed to come to fruition when Akeem left WWE. The trick never worked, and Atlas soon left the company.

9 1991: Big Bully Busick

Harvey Wippleman and Big Bully Busick

Nick Busick had a brief WWE career as a jobber in the late 1970s and early 1980s. He later adapted the “Big Bully Busick” gimmick and debuted the gimmick in WWE in 1991. Heel Busick wore a bowler hat and turtleneck, and he had a bushy mustache.

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Managed by Harvey Wippleman, he also smoked a cigar during his entrance. He began his run by mastering enhancement talents, before starting a feud with the Brooklyn Brawler. He lost the dispute and left the company in November 1991.

8 1992: nails


Nailz came to WWE in early 1992 as an ex-con who went after ex-officer Big Boss Man, viciously attacking him with Boss Man’s own nightstick on Superstars. He then defeated Boss Man’s friend Virgil at SummerSlam.

He would then complete his show with Boss Man in a Nightstick on a Pole match at Survivor Series, where he would lose to Boss Man. Although the fans were deep in the fight, Nailz was a terrible fighter. Additionally, he attacked Vince McMahon over a financial dispute in December 1992, after which he was promptly released.

7 1993: Giant Gonzalez

The giant González debuts cropped

Giant Gonzalez is a legitimate contender for being the worst fighter to ever compete in a major company. He was brought up to WWE in 1993 and made his Royal Rumble debut by attacking The Undertaker and starting a feud that would last for many months.

The fight was expected to be very bad, and the two matches they had at WrestleMania and SummerSlam were absolutely terrible. González’s only draw was his terrifying stature. However, he was unable to take advantage of it since he had no wrestling skills. It’s no surprise that WWE let him go in 1993.

6 1994: Mantauro

trimmed mantaur

Mantaur was signed by WWE at the end of 1994 and debuted in early 1995 defeating a jobber. He was “half man, half beast”. Dressed as a bull, the character was that of a Minotaur charging his opponents. He even had Jim Cornette manage him.

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He initially had some success beating many jobbers and also nearly defeated Intercontinental Champion Razor Ramón. But obviously, he had absolutely no potential in the gimmick, and he left WWE shortly after losing a match to Bam Bam Bigelow.

5 1995: Bill Watts

watt bill

Bills Watts is a former professional wrestler and wrestling promoter. He was a promoter for Mid-South Wrestling, which became the Universal Wrestling Federation. He also became executive vice president of WCW in 1992.

After some run-ins with management, he resigned from WCW. In 1995, WWE decided to bring Watts in as a booker. However, his tenure was extremely short as he only had a three-month contract and was not interested in staying longer.

4 1996: Hopper TL


In the 1980s and 1990s, WWE was full of occupational gimmicks. While some of them overpowered the fans, some were downright terrible. One of those bad tricks was TL Hopper, played by wrestler Tony Anthony in the year 1996.

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The gimmick was a disgusting plumber wearing dirty clothes, set to a theme song of bathroom sounds. He would also carry his plunger and plunge it into his opponent’s face to celebrate his victory. Unsurprisingly, TL Hopper didn’t go far and was released by WWE in 1997.

3 1997: Kurgan


Kurrgan was a typical big man with little wrestling skills. Signed to WWE in 1997, he was initially part of the “Truth Commission” faction as “The Interrogator”. The Truth Commission was soon disbanded and he became a lone fighter like Kurrgan.

He was wielded by The Jackyl, and would apply the Iron Claw to his opponents and not break the hold until Jackyl instructed him to. He would later join Jackyl’s new faction, “The Oddities”, and change his face later. Kurrgan couldn’t get past any tricks and was released in 1999 as a result.

2 1998: Giant Silva

wwe giant silva

Giant Silva was another big giant who had no potential in the ring. He debuted as part of the aforementioned faction The Oddities. However, he was not a main person in the group, and was mostly just there to support Kurrgan or Golga.

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At SummerSlam 1998, The Oddities defeated Kai in Tai. Silva hardly had any singles matches in WWE, and it was clear WWE didn’t see much potential in him, and as a result, he was soon fired in early 1999.

1 1999: The Cat

WWE Women's Champion Kat Cropped

Stacey Carter is an ex-wife of Jerry Lawler, who made his wrestling debut in 1998 and signed with WWE in 1999. He debuted as Miss Kitty and began managing Chyna after a while. Despite having very little talent, she won the women’s title in 1999.

She soon changed her name to “The Kat” and had a feud with Terri Runnels. The two had a catfight at WrestleMania 2000, in which Terri emerged victorious. Kat also had a storyline with “Right to Censor” in early 2001, but it was released in the middle of the story because she was supposedly difficult to work with.

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