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The Naughty Nine To Holiday Hotline: Weekend Treat On OTT, Set Your Screen With These Amazing Suggestions

The weekend is here, and we are set to make our weekend plans. Oh, yes, as this is a winter weekend, you must have been deciding to stay home and do some chill stuff, and you are probably in search of good content for the ‘Perfect Netflix & Chill’ evening. Worry not! We know December has started, and we are starting to get ‘Christmas’ vibes. And thus, to keep our weekend amusement at its peak in the festive season, here are some worth picks from the thousands of options OTT provides us.

  • The Naughty Nine

A perfect content piece to gel with children and family. The Naughty Nine is the story of a mischievous kid, Andy, who sets himself on a mission to heist in the ongoing glamour of the Christmas festival. The reason behind his heist mission is that he doesn’t get his gift from Santa and finds himself on Santa’s naughty list. He assembles all the kids from the naughty list to conduct their heist. Christmas genre, and their adventure is all The Naughty Nine. Don’t forget to enjoy this incredible, funny story with your family.

Where to watch – Disney plus

  • Good Burger 2

The first part of this movie came in 1997, a very well-known movie among all Nickelodeon viewers. This movie has come up with a sequel after almost 25 years. The story revolves around two characters, ED and Dexter. Dexter finds out about ED, who is the owner of Good Burger and a father too. Ed’s Good Burger gets taken over by MegaCorp, and now these two have a plan to reclaim it. It is interesting to see how they acquired Good Burger again. It serves both Millennials and Gen Z kids. The movie has stuck to its humour very well.

Where to watch – Paramount plus

  • Dashing Through Then Snow

Eddie Garrick, who lost faith in the spirit of Christmas, starts believing in its magic because of Nick in Santa’s costume, whom he meets unexpectedly. Eddie is out with his daughter on a Christmas adventure at the request of his estranged wife. It’s the process of a person getting his faith back due to an angel-like person who pops up in his life.

Where to watch – Disney plus

  • Holiday Hotline

It is a rom-com with fun and surprises involving beautiful Christmas vibes. This love story has many other angles when Abby, a British chef, lands in Chicago and starts working with Cooking Hotline. She meets John, a single parent in Chicago, through an anonymous call and falls in love with him, but she meets him, creating a different personality of herself as Peggy, and later finds herself in trouble because of her dual characters.

Where to watch – Hallmark movies

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