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The Reported Reason For Why Michael Cole Missed WWE Raw’s Season Premiere


  • Michael Cole, who was once the most hated commentator, is now beloved and considered the best in the business.
  • Cole was absent from Monday Night Raw’s season premiere due to a personal commitment, not an illness.
  • Cole’s career has been rejuvenated thanks to Vince McMahon being out of his ear and working with Pat McAfee, and WWE is not the same without his enthusiastic commentary.

Just a few weeks ago on WWE Monday Night Raw, during an in ring interview, World Champion Seth Rollins took a moment to compliment commentator Michael Cole, praising him for having only missed two shows in his entire career. That’s a shocking fact, considering that Cole has been with WWE since the Attitude Era days. The Raw crowd cheered Cole. It’s great to see how Michael Cole, who just a decade ago was the most hated wrestling commentator, especially during his heel days, is now beloved and looked at as the best in the business. It’s no wonder that WWE recently decided Cole would be pulling double duty by calling both Raw and SmackDown.

Last night, on Raw’s season premiere, however, Michael Cole was nowhere to be seen. Instead, it was Monday night’s former commentator Kevin Patrick in his seat next to Wade Barrett. After just being complimented for having only missed two shows ever, Cole missed his third, which of course is still an extremely impressive accomplishment. So where was Michael Cole? As it turns out, he’s perfectly okay. He wasn’t out with a sudden illness or anything like that.

While the exact reason for his absence isn’t known, Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful reported that “Michael Cole had requested time off for a previous obligation a while back, WWE sources tell us.” This was confirmed by Mike Johnson of PWInsider, who said, “As you may have noticed, Michael Cole is not on tonight’s edition of WWE’s Monday Night Raw. In asking around, we are told that Cole had requested for this week off some time ago due to a personal commitment, and it just happened to land on what was later scheduled to be the Raw season premiere. It is not an illness or anything similar. We are told that Kevin Patrick had been scheduled for ‘many weeks’ to handle the lead commentary for the show and Cole is slated to return next week.”

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Michael Cole Is The Voice Of WWE

seth rollins pointing at michael cole

For so many years, Jim Ross was the voice of WWE. Michael Cole lived in his shadow for so long, and fans saw him as someone unable to compete with such a legend. Michael Cole is the voice of WWE now and hopefully will be for many years to come. Though it seems like he’s been around forever, calling Raw during the Attitude Era when Ross would be out, and being pretty much the only voice of SmackDown, Cole is only 46 years old.

Thanks to Vince McMahon being out of his ear, and then the rekindling of his passion for the sport thanks to working with Pat McAfee on Friday nights, Michael Cole’s career has been rejuvenated. While Kevin Patrick did well filling in on Monday, a commentator who is improving himself after receiving so much backlash, hopefully Cole will be back in his seat on Friday and next Monday. WWE just isn’t the same without Michael Cole’s enthusiasm calling the action.

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