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The Rock Officially Aligns Himself With The Bloodline On WWE SmackDown

  • The Rock WWE Tall

    The Rock


    Hayward, California, USA

    Dwayne Douglas Johnson

    6 feet 5 inches

    275 lbs


    Championships Held:
    WWE Championship (x8), WCW Championship (x2), Intercontinental Championship (x2), World Tag Team Championship (x5)

    Rock Bottom, People’s Elbow


    Notable Rivals:
    “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Triple H, Chris Jericho, John Cena


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  • The Rock embraced his heel persona and officially joined The Bloodline in a shocking turn of events on SmackDown.
  • He targeted fans and mocked Cody Rhodes in a ruthless manner, signaling a departure from his iconic People’s Champ image.
  • The Rock’s transformation into a heel was well-executed, ensuring Roman Reigns remains at the top while setting up a feud with Cody for the Universal Championship.

To close Friday’s SmackDown in Salt Lake City, Utah, The Rock embraced his heel persona and officially joined The Bloodline. The final segment of the show began as Roman Reigns introduced his cousin who he said was officially part of The Bloodline. But, until The Rock showed up, with a completely different look and feel than fans have been used to, no one knew for sure. A few minutes later, the transition was legitimate.

This marked a significant departure from The Rock’s iconic status as the People’s Champ, as he fully embraced his heel character reminiscent of his Hollywood Rock era in 2003.

Sporting a look reminiscent of his earlier heel days, The Rock, clad in a new vest and shades, entered the ring for a segment that spanned two segments of WWE Friday Night SmackDown. He didn’t hold back, heeling on the fans, particularly targeting the “inbred” Utah crowd and their “50 wives”. He noted the live crowd should be proud for breaking a record — the biggest collection of “trailer park trash” in history.

The Rock didn’t shy away from addressing specific names either. He mocked Cody Rhodes for his past losses and said he didn’t deserve to finish his story just because he wanted to. The Rock made it clear that he intended to ensure Cody ended his night at WrestleMania the same way he entered, as a loser. He also expressed frustration at the fans for supposedly ruining the WrestleMania main event between himself and Reigns, promising to rectify the situation by ensuring Cody’s defeat.


WWE Smackdown Winners and Losers: Chamber Qualifiers And The Rock Goes Full Heel

This week’s SmackDown featured Elimination Chamber qualifiers and The Rock joining The Bloodline.

The segment concluded with The Rock confirming his allegiance to The Bloodline, aligning himself with Roman Reigns, and posing in the trademark Bloodline fashion. The shift from the People’s Champ to a full-fledged heel marked a new chapter in The Rock’s wrestling persona.

This Was The Rock Fans Was Hoping Would Show Up

The Rock’s transformation into a heel was well-executed, showcasing a look and new attitude that officially signaled his departure from being the People’s Champ. He wasn’t there to be cheered and he appeared to want to make sure Reigns still got a rub as a co-leader of the group. He wasn’t taking over. He was making sure Roman stayed on top.

The Rock found the perfect balance of one-liners and effective insults. This bold heel turn has left no doubt that Cody Rhodes is now The Rock’s primary adversary, and he’s determined to thwart Cody’s pursuit of the Undisputed Universal Championship.

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