Saturday, February 24

The Rock Returns To WWE At Day 1, Teases Feud With Roman Reigns

The Rock returned to Raw on Monday night and didn’t just appear. He teased a huge match with Roman Reigns to take his seat at the head of the table.


  • WWE teases the return of a former Champion, but fans are disappointed when Jinder Mahal appears instead.
  • The Rock saves the day, confronting Mahal and shutting him down with insults and a physical altercation.
  • The Rock hints at a potential match with Roman Reigns, causing excitement and speculation among fans.

WWE was teasing the return of a former WWE Champion leading into Monday Night Raw. What the fans got to start hour number three of the show was Jinder Mahal. Technically a former WWE Champion, the WWE Universe was clearly disappointed. Fortunately, the fans patience for WWE trolling the audience paid off as The Rock’s music hit and The Most Electrifying Man in Entertainment saved the day.

Saying that Jinder Mahal was free to run down American without consequence due freedom of speech, he wasn’t about to run down American consequence free from The Rock. Johnson began to sing to Mahal a bit of the anthem, while making up his own words and using insults to get his point across. He was going to shut up Mahal for good and in front of the live San Diego crowd. Mahal got the jump on The Rock and started to attack. But, it didn’t take long for The Rock to fight back and eventually rid the ring of the Modern Day Maharaja.


The Rock Hints At WWE Return While Granting Make-A-Wishes

The Rock revealed to one of the 21 children he met that a WWE comeback is on his to-do list.

Then, before The Rock was about the make his exit, he asked the live crowd where he should sit if he went out tonight to get something to eat in San Diego. Saying the might want to sit in a booth, or maybe that the bar, the bar got some cheers. He then asked, “Or, should The Rock sit at The Head of the Table?” The last statement got a huge pop from the crowd, with announcers Michael Cole and Wade Barrett playing right into the comments. Barrett told Paul Heyman to call Roman Reigns, hinting that there was more coming.

The Rock Teasing a Match With Reigns Is Huge

Not only was this return a surprise — there were some photos of The Rock with Nick Khan that surfaced earlier this week — but his mic drop moment will have fans going crazy over a potential main event match between The Rock and Reigns. This isn’t the first time he’s teased a possible WrestleMania bout with The Tribal Chief, but this is the first time he’s really alluded to that match on WWE programming.

It’s not clear if this was a planned comment by WWE or if The Rock is just getting a feel for the idea of a match. If the former, it will be intriguing to see if Reigns has a response on SmackDown in the coming weeks.

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