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Things To Know About Lexis King

Lexis King is one of WWE’s newest signings and the company has wasted little time in making him a featured member of the NXT roster. He’s showcased great charisma so far, becoming an entertaining part of the product due to his performances both inside the ring and with his promos and backstage segments.


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However, because he’s such a fresh face in the company, there’s lots that people don’t know about him at this point in time. He’s slowly building up his name, and as that happens, the WWE Universe will get to learn even more about him and what he’s done in the business to this point.

10 He’s A Second Generation Wrestler

King Is The Son Of Brian Pillman

  • He previously went by Brian Pillman Jr.
  • Pillman passed away in 1997

For those fans who are only just starting to watch Lexis King, they might not be aware of the fact that he is the son of the legendary Brian Pillman. Most of the time WWE looks to take advantage of any second-generation connections as it’s something that can help build up a wrestler when they’re new.

While King did that before joining WWE and has mentioned it at times in NXT, he has opted to go against just taking on the same name in WWE, even though it was an easy connection to make.

9 He’s A Former AEW Star

He Primarily Worked In A Tag Team

AEW Debut

Final AEW Match

Memorable Matches

21 Man Casino Battle Royale (Double Or Nothing, 2019)

Vs. The Gunns (AEW House Rules Tour, 5/13/23)

  • Vs. Miro (Dynamite, 6/30/21)
  • Vs. Bryan Danielson & Jon Moxley (Dynamite, 3/23/22)
  • Vs. Malakai Black (Dynamite 1/5/22)

A lot of attention gets placed on some of the big names that WWE has managed to sign from AEW, whether that be Cody Rhodes or Jade Cargill that some people can forget that Lexis King also came from the company. He was never a massively featured name in AEW, therefore it can often be overlooked.


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However, he did spend several years working for Tony Khan as he was able to gain television experience as he looked to build his name. While not every WWE fan tunes into AEW, it was still a big moment for the company to land another former AEW star.

8 King Worked In A Modern Version Of The Hart Foundation

The Faction Took Place In MLW

The New Hart Foundation Cropped

  • The group was called The New Hart Foundation
  • He was joined by Teddy Hart & Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Before he appeared in AEW, Lexis King spent time working for MLW which is where he was able to pay tribute to a legendary faction. That’s because he joined forces with Davey Boy Smith and Teddy Hart to create The New Hart Foundation, due to their links to the legendary family.

They became a popular group at the time, getting plenty of buzz due to their personalities and in-ring ability, which showcased the promise and potential that King had from that point.

7 He Was Trained By Lance Storm

King Trained With Storm For Three Months

Lance Storm in WWE

  • Storm has trained talents such as Dominik Mysterio, Tyler Breeze, and Emma
  • King admits Storm was a little too strict at times

Everybody has to start somewhere and learn from people with more experience, and one of the places that Lexis King opted to go to was the Storm Wrestling Academy. He got to work with the veteran wrestler first-hand for three months which was a beneficial situation for him.

While Storm wasn’t one of the biggest personalities in wrestling history, when it comes to training people he is often heavily praised for the ability he has to bring the best out of others.

6 He Wants To Work With Cody Rhodes

This Is His Dream Storyline In Wrestling

Cody Rhodes wins the 2024 royal rumble

  • King praised Rhodes for giving him a sense of direction in AEW
  • They have never shared the ring

A lot of people have dream matches, but Lexis King has revealed he’s got a dream storyline, and that involves Cody Rhodes. Of course, the American Nightmare is now one of the biggest stars on the planet, so the idea of wrestlers wanting to work against him isn’t a big surprise.

However, few openly admit they want major storylines with someone. However, that hasn’t stopped King, with this being something that he is open to doing, but it will take some work to reach that level due to how high Rhodes has been able to climb.

5 He Created The Varsity Blonds Gimmick

King Worked Alongside Griff Garrison

The Varsity Blonds

While Lexis King would get some singles opportunities in AEW, he is best remembered by fans for his work alongside Griff Garrison as The Varsity Blonds. The duo brought a college-style appearance, and the overall presentation of the team was a lot of fun to watch.


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That’s an example of King’s creative side as he has admitted to being the person that came up with all of that. He worked out their name and the look, putting the ring gear and jackets together which is a sign that he understands that aspect of the business.

4 He Doesn’t Pitch Ideas In WWE

This Is Advice He Learned From John Cena

Lexis King in WWE Cropped

  • Cena was giving a seminar at the WWE Performance Center
  • Cena told them not to pitch to avoid disappointment, instead focusing on being the best version of themselves

While Lexis King did pitch ideas during his time in AEW, it appears that he isn’t going to be doing that during his WWE career. He has admitted that he has no intention of pitching various ideas because of a seminar he went to featuring John Cena, who simply told them to be the best version of whatever gimmick WWE wants.

He used himself as a rapper as an example, stating that if WWE needed a rapper he’d be the best one for them to choose from. King has taken that advice and opted to focus on letting the writers create his content while focusing on executing whatever is asked to the best of his ability.

3 He’s Being Himself In NXT

King Claims He Didn’t Need A Script

  • WWE asked him to tell his story on camera
  • WWE allowed King to pick his name

Lexis King came into WWE with a series of vignettes that explained elements of his life, and that was the basis on which his character was born in the company. Many wrestlers get gimmicks and they’re told to follow certain points, but King has insisted that wasn’t the case for him.

He has been allowed to be himself and didn’t even follow a script during those moments. It’s a sign of how much the company already trusts him, and what he is capable of as a performer.

2 He’s 30 Years Old

King Has A Bright Future In Wrestling

  • He made his WWE debut at NXT’s Halloween Havoc (2023)
  • King gatecrashed the 2023 Breakout Tournament and inserted himself

Nowadays, professional wrestlers can continue performing for a long time if they keep themselves in shape and remain relevant, with Sting being a great example of that. This is why Lexis King is an exciting signing for WWE because he’s only 30 years old.


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This means that he could have a very long career ahead of him in wrestling should he wish to keep pushing in that field, which is one of the reasons his signing was exciting for people.

1 He Previously Dealt With Self Doubt

This Took Place During His AEW Career

Brian Pillan Jr in AEW

  • He questioned if he was really good in AEW
  • He believes his career has gone 180 since leaving

Professional wrestlers hit the ring and bring a lot of confidence with their displays, which is the only way fans can buy into them as credible threats. However, that doesn’t mean that they are always confident, and that was the case with Lexis King before joining AEW.

He might have looked the part in AEW, but he has admitted that he was going through some self-doubt at the time and wasn’t sure whether or not he belonged at that level, which helps to make him a little more relatable.

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