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This Film Lost In Salaar And Dunki Clash: Why Is Nobody Talking About It?

First, Shah Rukh Khan released his film ‘Dunki’ at the box office, and the very next day, Prabhas smashed onto the cine screen with ‘Salaar,’ breaking SRK’s record for the highest opener on the first day. However, there was a third film that nobody seems to be discussing. Fans are engrossed in conversations about ‘Salaar’ and ‘Dunki.’

‘Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom,’ starring Jason Momoa, was released on December 22, just after ‘Salaar.’ Despite its star-studded cast and significant anticipation, critics have been preoccupied with the clash between Shah Rukh and Prabhas, neglecting ‘Aquaman.’

At the Indian box office, the film didn’t garner substantial numbers, netting roughly Rs 3 crore on its release and only collecting Rs 1.47 crore on the second day, according to Sacnilk.

While the movie premiered on December 20 in countries like the US and UK, its four-day collection stood at a modest 40 million dollars, as reported by Deadline. This sluggish start indicates a lukewarm reception. However, the Indian market’s relatively subdued response to ‘Aquaman’ might be due to the audience having two prominent options like ‘Dunki’ and ‘Salaar,’ both massive in their own right. While Hollywood movies usually fare well in India, audiences sometimes prioritize Indian cinema. This trend seems to have affected ‘Aquaman 2’ as well.

Despite a dedicated fan base for Hollywood movies, particularly within the MCU and DC universe, their numbers are comparatively smaller, resulting in less impact.

Regarding ‘Aquaman 2,’ it features Nicole Kidman, Amber Heard, and numerous other stars in pivotal roles.

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