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This Is Why Emmy Winner Andre Braugher Turned Towards TV Comedy “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”

Two-time Emmy winner Andre Braugher passed away on Monday, December 11. The actor was ill for a long time, resulting in his death at the age of 61. But Andre Braugher, also known as Captain Holt, made generations laugh with his hilarious and subtle comedy. The actor, who received two Emmys, was famous for playing dark, mysterious films, and suddenly turned his path towards a television comedy series, which obviously later won the hearts of people. What was the reason behind this sudden transition?

Andre worked in thriller movies like Salt, The Gambler, The Mist, A Better Way To Die, and many more. But Andre desperately wanted a change, that is the one prominent reason behind Andre accepting Captain Holt. In an old interview with Today, he said that he needed a change. He had been working on shows that dealt with dangerous subject matter and a lot of emotional turmoil. He wanted to grow as an artist. He said, “I need to do something different and challenge myself.” And thus, he never looked back while having that transition at such an odd age. He said that he was lucky to be part of the Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Through Brooklyn Nine-Nine, his mind was expanding, and his capabilities as an actor; his ability to mine the  comedy—were really rising up for the first time in his career. This character of the first black gay captain in the New York Police Department, Captain Holt was so hilarious that not only the audience but Andre himself fell many times and broke many times on camera while shooting the series. 

This Homicide actor’s transition to the comedy genre, was a successful attempt, which gave glory to his career.

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