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TikToker NoahGlennCarter Claims He Receives Death Threats From Ariana Grande Fans

Ariana Grande recently shared a video on her TikTok account calling out all the people who have been criticizing her for body shaming. Next, TikToker NoahGlennCarter posted a video commenting on Ariana’s weight and appearance. She later claimed that she had been receiving death threats from fans as a result. He said in the video: “Ariana Grande just addressed everyone’s concerns about her body. Many people were concerned about Ariana Grande, saying that they did not recognize her and that she now looked too thin ”. He summarized the singer’s comments in a follow-up video and polled other TikTokers about her views on him receiving death threats.

In her video, Ariana said, responding to the trolls: “We should be nicer and less comfortable commenting on people’s bodies.” After that, Noah posted a video in which he details all the threats he’s been receiving from the singer’s fans. I am going to share with you some threats that were made to me. It all started when this person tweeted. They’re saying this now because they don’t appreciate the videos I’ve made about recent Ariana Grande events. But I don’t care what they said; I care about people and their responses, she continued.

After that, Noah started reading the tweets, saying, “Someone tweeted that they wanted to try and leak my address and tweeted this with a picture of Kris Jenner holding a gun. Another guy tweeted a picture of a Neon Genesis character carrying a gun and said he was coming to my house.

He added in the video: Now these threats are never okay under any circumstances, so I’m taking them very, very seriously. I received threats similar to these in the past, and someone revealed my address, so I already alerted the authorities about this and gave them the Twitter profiles. I’m not sure if they’ll take any action, but I just want everyone to know that making threats like this online is not acceptable.”

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TikToker NoahGlennCarter Claims He Receives Death Threats From Ariana Grande Fans

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