Thursday, November 30

Tish Cyrus Shares Her Wedding Pictures, Daughter Miley Turns Maid Of Honor

Miley Cyrus’s mother, Tish Cyrus, and Dominic Purcell’s wedding unfolded like a captivating fairytale, radiating pure happiness. Tish, the singer’s mother, took to her social media account to share a collection of pictures from her wedding days, capturing moments with Miley.

On the same Friday that marked the release of Miley’s new music video “Used to Be Young,” she shared her sentiments about celebrating her mother’s significant day. Reflecting on her lifelong role behind the scenes, Miley shared with Vogue, “My whole life my mom has been behind the scenes. She was always the one getting me ready for big days, starting with cheerleading competitions, then eventually on sets or backstage before a performance.” She continued by expressing her honor at being the source of support for her mother now that she’s grown up.

Miley opened up about the emotional impact of witnessing her mother’s joyous love, emphasizing the genuine bond between Dom and her mom. She noted how their affection seemed fresh and new, fitting for her youthful-spirited mother. The transformation of both individuals since they met seemed to defy the passage of time, with Tish growing even more beautiful. The wedding day itself was described as special and enchanting, mirroring the couple’s own unique magic. The pinnacle of the occasion was Miley’s heartfelt role in giving her mother away to Dom, a memory she vowed to treasure.

Undoubtedly, the wedding was just as enchanting as the pictures depicted. Tish, who humorously mentioned sliding into Dom’s direct messages and described it as “love at first sight,” shared with Vogue that her wedding was an embodiment of the most romantic fairytale imaginable.

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