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Tony Khan’s Attacks On WWE Only Help Them & Hurt AEW


  • Despite Tony Khan’s financial investment, AEW cannot easily challenge the global dominance of WWE.
  • Tony Khan’s controversial attacks against WWE on social media have damaged AEW’s credibility and public perception.
  • Tony Khan’s confrontational approach with WWE undermines AEW’s potential growth and alienates potential viewers.

In the ever-expanding realm of pro wrestling, where titans WWE and AEW engage in competition, one man has emerged as the maestro of questionable decisions – Tony Khan. Armed with deep pockets and a penchant for public jabs, Khan seems determined to transform AEW into the quintessential WWE adversary. Yet, as we unravel the intricacies of his controversial comments and Twitter escapades, a peculiar pattern emerges. Instead of landing blows on WWE, Khan appears to be orchestrating a symphony of self-inflicted wounds that leave AEW bruised and bewildered. With Khan going viral again for his words, it’s time to dissect how his antics might just be the greatest unintentional favor to WWE, turning AEW’s potential triumph into a comical paradox.

Tony Khan’s AEW Sees WWE As Competition

No Promotion Can Come Close To WWE’s Dominance

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Despite Tony Khan’s significant financial investment in AEW, there appears to be a persistent misunderstanding of the vast chasm that separates AEW and WWE in terms of global dominance. No amount of capital infusion, no matter how substantial, can easily challenge WWE’s established position. AEW’s role as an alternative is crucial for pro wrestlers seeking diverse opportunities, but Tony Khan’s public declarations often suggest a competition that might be more imaginary than real.

While the wrestling community benefits from having multiple thriving promotions, AEW’s identity should not solely revolve around trying to surpass or compete head-to-head with WWE. WWE is not just another wrestling promotion, it’s a synonym worldwide for pro wrestling with most casual fans around the world not even knowing anything other than WWE as the whole sport and the culture.

Tony Khan’s Controversial Attacks Against WWE

Tony Khan Recently Went After WWE’s Jinder Mahal

Tony Khan’s propensity for engaging in Twitter wars with WWE has been a recurring theme, revealing a lack of restraint and strategic communication. These social media skirmishes have not only failed to elevate AEW’s status but have damaged its credibility and public perception. In April 2022, Khan’s claim that AEW detractors were mere bots paid for by an unnamed organization which he didn’t specify, but was widely speculated to be WWE by the fans, showcased a level of paranoia unbecoming of a prominent figure in the wrestling industry. Rather than addressing criticism with poise and professionalism, Khan’s response played into a narrative of AEW being insecure and defensive, turning his comments into a meme fest and being subjected to mockery by WWE fans, WWE stars, and industry critics alike.

The infamous tweet in October 2023 where he went after John Cena and The Undertaker, following a ratings loss to NXT, demonstrated Khan’s inability to gracefully accept defeat. By focusing on the viewership numbers and making comparisons with WWE legends’ appearances, he appeared disgraceful in defeat to many fans. This not only reinforced the perception of AEW as being obsessed with WWE’s success, but also highlighted a double standard given AEW’s reliance on ex-WWE talent for ratings boosts.


Why Tony Khan Is A Hypocrite For Bringing Ric Flair To AEW

When Ric Flair showed up on AEW Dynamite, it was a strike against negative comments Tony Khan has made about WWE.

The most recent incident in January 2024, where Khan questioned Jinder Mahal’s worthiness as a world title contender in WWE, further exemplified his tendency to take unnecessary potshots at the competition. Instead of putting heat on WWE, this helped them out as Jinder Mahal went viral and fans came in his support. That didn’t happen after RAW itself, but Tony’s tweet helped WWE out. By publicly ridiculing WWE’s creative decisions, Khan not only undermined the professionalism of the industry but also invited backlash from fans and industry insiders.

Tony Khan Is Helping WWE And Hurting AEW

WWE Doesn’t Acknowledge AEW’s Existence

Tony Khan-angry-promo

While rivalry and competition can be healthy for any industry, Tony Khan’s public confrontations with WWE have proven to be more of a detriment than a boon for AEW. Unlike WWE’s strategy of largely ignoring AEW’s existence and concentrating on its product, Khan has adopted an approach marked by Twitter skirmishes and disparaging remarks. This strategy has several consequences that undermine AEW’s potential growth. WWE’s restrained response to AEW’s presence reflects a level of professionalism that resonates with a broader audience. In contrast, Tony Khan’s Twitter spats come across as impulsive and emotionally charged. To truly compete with WWE, AEW needs to embody a level of professionalism that appeals to a wider demographic, including those outside the hardcore fanbase.

While AEW has successfully attracted some former WWE stars, it struggles to retain its talent. Notably, stars like CM Punk, Cody Rhodes, and Jade Cargill have made the jump to WWE, raising questions about AEW’s ability to create a stable and attractive working environment. The potential departure of MJF to WWE further emphasizes the need for AEW to address internal challenges rather than engage in unnecessary external conflicts. WWE’s worldwide fanbase is an invaluable asset that AEW should seek to tap into rather than alienate. Tony Khan’s public jabs at WWE not only fail to attract WWE fans but may also repel potential viewers who perceive AEW as a promotion more focused on tearing down others than showcasing its strengths.


How Tony Khan Is Holding Back AEW From Growing

Tony Khan’s obsession with WWE is hindering AEW from being a bigger and better wrestling alternative.

By consistently positioning AEW in opposition to WWE, Tony Khan risks creating an identity crisis for his promotion. Instead of forging an independent brand that stands on its own merits, AEW becomes defined in relation to WWE. To expand its reach and appeal, AEW must establish a unique identity, emphasizing its strengths rather than attempting to overshadow or critique its competition. A healthy competition helps all, including WWE, AEW, the wrestlers, and the fans. But such tribalism fueled by AEW’s own President and his controversial comments may lead to the doom of his creation.

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