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Top 10 Entries in TNA Impact Wrestling History

Spectacle in professional wrestling is one of the many reasons the sport stands out among its peers. Wrestlers try to have a fantastic entrance that way they can express who they are and be outdone or hated by fans before they even step into the ring. A wrestler’s entrance tends to be an extension of the character he plays, whether it’s his theme song or the actions he performs going down the ramp.

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Masterful entries like The Rock or Stone Cold really show what that character is without the need to speak, but WWE isn’t the only company with some great entries. TNA/Impact Match he’s had some amazing entries during his tenure, but then again, with names like Sting and Kurt Angle on the list, how could you not? So let’s take a look at the best entries from the members of the TNA/Impact Wrestling roster.


10 christian cage

Christian Cage debut in TNA

Christian Cage would put his amazing theme song behind him with WWE and start over with TNA during his early run. Now, while the music wasn’t as good as before, he made up for it with TNA’s signature light show aesthetic and awesome ring jackets.

In almost every episode of Impact, she would come out in a new jacket that would match in color to the tights she was wearing. Some of his best ones were when he was NWA World Champion and his jacket had a C down the middle with an exposed spot so the title would sit nicely.

9 Abyss


The Impact Wrestling equivalent of Kane, Abyss would always have an amazing entrance during his career. The early TNAs would have flashing red lights coming out of the tunnel with their iconic entrance music that feels like the early days of TNA. Abyss would come out and do his trademark taunt with a huge burst of fireworks with him.

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Occasionally, Abyss would also come out with his signature weapon, a studded 2×4 that he would name Janice. Abyss’ entry always made him feel like the biggest and scariest member of the roster.

8 joe hendry


Joe Hendry absolutely takes the cake for the best entry in current Impact Wrestling. Hendry’s comical and over-the-top music suits the character of him very well with a smile that can pierce anyone’s heart. Hendry shows how out of his depth he is with the crowd when he makes them wave their hands in the air along with him and his music.

During his pre-Impact time at companies like ICW, Hendry would have incredible entries parodying popular music like Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody and Eiffel 65’s Blue. He’s started to flex his creative muscle during his current feud with Matt Cardona and Brian Meyers making songs about his past careers in WWE.

7 beautiful people

Impact Wrestling: The Beautiful People reunion in 2014

The Beautiful People would be a staple for the Knockouts division in the mid-2000s. Many fans, mostly male fans, would love to see Angelina and Velvet enter the ring due to the pinpoint camera work on the apron. . Velvet and Angelina used to wear tight, revealing clothing, while the camera panned behind the knockouts.

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On top of that, their music was some of the best TNA has ever produced and they became synonymous with the stable. Velvet Sky would continue this type of entrance and camera work when she also discontinued her solo career.

6 Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy TNA entrance

Jeff Hardy would have an amazing entrance at any promotion he attended. Hardy was given a lot more freedom with his character and his entry into TNA/Impact and that was shown by his constantly changing music and face paint. Hardy would continue the dance on the ramp that he made famous with his time in WWE.

Jeff would also take advantage of the light show effect that TNA had with many of their entrances, causing various beams of light to sweep across the arena and himself. Sometimes light would also interact with his painting, causing it to glow in the dark on rare occasions.

5 Suicide

via Wikipedia.org

Suicide’s masked character would have the benefit of coming from a video game in his favor. His entrance would normally have crazy lighting effects and fog covering the entrance ramp. On occasion, Suicide would appear in the ring out of nowhere much like The Undertaker in WWE.

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His debut would be his best entrance, as he would fly down to the ring via a zip line from the audience. When he ran to the ring, he was played by some of the more athletic Impact wrestlers, so he was very fast and could jump to the top turnbuckle pretty quickly.

4 beer money inc

Impact World Tag Team Champions Beer Money Inc.

The team of Robert Roode and James Storm is easily one of TNA’s best original creations. Redneck James Storm would always come out with the signature beer bottle of him drinking to ringside. Roode would be the more serious member who wouldn’t do anything too flashy.

At one point, the duo added “vehicles” to their entrance featuring the drunken policemen, as it was titled with Storm riding a makeshift cooler with scooter handle and wheels and Roode trailing behind on a beer keg outfitted with his own scooter handle and wheels. like good.

3 Sting

TNA sting

Sting would suffer from a similar problem to Christian Cage, where he would lose iconic music he had in another promo, but make up for it with a drastically different entrance outfit. Sting would trade out WCW’s long black jackets and replace them with a more colorful red, gold and silver coat that was more reflective of his previous surfer gimmick.

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Sting also carried his trademark baseball bat with him for most innings, accompanied by a roaring crowd and TNA’s favorite light show. Sting’s entrance always felt PPV-worthy every time he came out, so it really added to his stature in the promotion.

2 kurt’s angle

Kurt angle TNA 2006 cropped

Much like Sting, Kurt Angle always felt like a big deal just because of his input. Stepping out in her signature US outfit covered by an American flag on her back. Angle would make drastic changes to his jersey from time to time to really stand out a bit more.

His debut inning against Samoa Joe really highlights the best parts of his pre-match celebration. TNA would never stop using that light show gimmick they had, Angle’s entrance was made better for it. He would later also get the AEW Cody Rhodes treatment by walking off the floor onto the entrance ramp with a decent amount of pyrotechnics.

1 AJ Styles


AJ Styles is who most of the TNA faithful consider to have the best entry into the promotion. Everything from the colorful fitted jacket and ring to his iconic theme song, fans ate up everything Styles had to offer. His pyrotechnics were easily some of the best TNA had with a rain from the roof of the arena on Styles on the entrance ramp.

Also, the camera work always made his entrance look bigger with the cuts behind him and getting closer when he removed his hood. His last days at the company saw a total shift to something a little darker and more serious before a cut to his old theme song kicked in, and he never failed to blow fans away.

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