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Top WWE International Prospect Inclining Towards Joining in 2024


  • Giulia, the sought-after free agent, is rumored to be leaning towards joining WWE in 2024, with recent reports suggesting that WWE is the frontrunner in signing her.
  • WWE recognizes Giulia’s potential to elevate their brand and has made her a priority acquisition, which has fans buzzing with excitement for her potential arrival in the Women’s Division.
  • If Giulia signs with WWE, it will be a significant win for them over AEW, as both companies were interested in signing her, but WWE seems to have the advantage. This potential move signifies a paradigm shift in the industry and WWE’s commitment to building a diverse and acclaimed talent pool.

Giulia, the former World of Stardom Champion, currently stands as one of the most sought-after free agents in the wrestling industry. With her contract set to expire in March 2024, speculations abound about her next move, and WWE seems to be the frontrunner in this intriguing saga.

With rumored interest from both WWE and AEW, recent reports suggest that Giulia is ‘likely’ to make the leap to WWE in 2024. Although she may not make an immediate transition, she is reportedly ‘leaning towards’ joining WWE. Wrestling Observer Newsletter’s Dave Meltzer provided this update, indicating that Giulia defended the NJPW STRONG Women’s Championship at the STARDOM Dream Queendom event, further fueling the anticipation of her potential WWE debut.

Guila stardom WWE

Giulia’s reputation precedes her, having been the World of Stardom Champion and a marquee talent on the international wrestling scene. WWE has reportedly made her a “priority acquisition,” recognizing her potential to elevate their brand. The prospect of Giulia joining the Performance Center has fans buzzing with excitement, especially following WWE’s recent successful re-signing of some of the industry’s top female stars, including bring back Kairi Sane from Japan.

While the details remain speculative, WWE’s Women’s Division is gearing up for a significant boost with Giulia’s potential arrival. Her in-ring prowess, coupled with a captivating presentation, could provide WWE with another major star to enhance its women’s roster, already bolstered by the expected debut of Jade Cargill and possible rumored return of Sasha Banks. And, with the rumored potential partnership between WWE and Stardom, this deal is starting to make more sense by the day.


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Did WWE Win Out Over AEW?

Nothing has been finalized, but if Guila does sign with WWE, they will have notably won the bid to sign someone both big wrestling companies were after. AEW had also expressed interest in Giulia, possibly for cross-over events. However, the latest developments suggest that she may be inclined towards WWE, dashing any hopes of an AEW appearance in the near future. It will be incumbent upon WWE to introduce her to mainstream audience.

As the hardcore wrestling fans –those who know Guila well — eagerly await her decision, a potential move to WWE could signify a bit of a paradigm shift in the industry. This would be another step towards WWE solidifying a commitment to building a diverse and globally acclaimed talent pool.

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