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Tragic Passing Of Matthew Perry Sparks Speculation About Possible Relapse

In the aftermath of Matthew Perry’s untimely demise, questions and concerns have emerged, with his former girlfriend, Kayti Edwards, suggesting the possibility of a relapse leading up to the actor’s passing. Edwards, speaking to the UK Sun, expressed doubt about the circumstances surrounding Perry’s death, stating, “I know Matthew, and I know that he wouldn’t have just drowned. I think he might have taken pills in the week leading up to this.”

Edwards, who briefly dated Perry in 2006 and later worked as his assistant in 2011, shared insights into their relationship, highlighting their close bond despite the short-lived romantic involvement that followed their meeting at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

Matthew Perry was discovered dead in the hot tub of his Pacific Palisades home on Saturday, October 28, reportedly due to apparent drowning. Initial toxicology reports yielded negative results for meth or fentanyl. However, Edwards raised suspicions, stating that “things aren’t adding up” and pointing to the absence of prescription painkillers at the scene.

Authorities found only prescription medications at Perry’s residence, dispelling rumors of illicit drugs. Perry, known for his commitment to helping those battling substance abuse, had plans to establish a foundation to aid individuals dealing with addiction, building on the success of Perry House, a men’s sober living facility he founded.

Perry’s history with addiction was marked by significant struggles, with the actor openly discussing his near-death experience at 49 due to drug addiction in October 2022. A two-week coma, a five-month hospital stay, and a year using a colostomy bag followed his battle with opioid overuse.

As investigations into the circumstances of Perry’s passing continue, the entertainment world mourns the loss of a talented actor, and questions linger about the challenges he faced in his ongoing journey toward sobriety.

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