Saturday, December 9

Travis Scott takes off his shirt and shoes to reward a dedicated fan during performance; Watch video

Rapper Travis Scott once again wowed his fans with a memorable act of generosity, this time surprising a lucky concertgoer by gifting them his shirt and shoes during a performance.

The incident took place at the Rolling Loud festival in the Netherlands, where hitmaker “The Scotts” was putting on an electrifying show. Halfway through his performance, Travis saw a fan in the front row passionately rapping one of his songs. Impressed by the fan’s dedication and flair, the rapper walked off the stage and made a beeline for him.

In a remarkable act, Travis removed his jersey and handed it to the fan, revealing a previously unreleased piece of ‘Utopia’ merchandise. Not stopping there, he too removed his custom Nike Air Jordans, which he had recently been seen sporting, and gifted them to the stunned fan.

This isn’t the first time Travis has shown such generosity to his fans. Last year, as he was leaving a Los Angeles nightspot called TAO, he noticed a group of fans eagerly awaiting autographs and photos. Although he initially got into a car he was waiting for, Travis surprised everyone by making the vehicle slowly approach the crowd. He then rolled down the window and handed over a pair of Nike Air Jordan 1 low tops.

Enthusiastic fans flocked forward to grab the unexpected souvenirs, and two lucky people ended up with a shoe each as Travis’ car sped away, leaving an indelible memory of the rapper’s thoughtful mannerisms.

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