Tuesday, November 28

Triple H announces WWE draft and claims it will “change the game”

The Smackdown and Raw rosters are in a big shakeup as WWE holds their annual draft.

Tonight, Triple H made a highly anticipated appearance on Smackdown Live. Speculation ran wild regarding what exactly Triple H was there to say; many thought he was simply going to reiterate his message from Monday Night Raw, that nothing will change in WWE after he merged with the UFC under Endeavour. Instead, Triple H was there to make a pretty regular announcement; WWE prepares for its annual draft.

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WWE Draft Coming Up “In Just A Few Weeks”


Triple H made his way to the ring and bragged about WWE’s recent success at Wrestlemania 39. He touted the event as a record-breaking extravaganza for the company in terms of social media views, tickets sold, merchandise sold and more.

So, Triple H told the WWE universe that he was there to talk about the future. He said:

In just a few short weeks, it’s time for the WWE draft again, a night that changes the future and the fate of every WWE superstar in the back. This year, the draft will be bigger than ever, with every superstar eligible for the draft. And I promise you this: when all is said and done, this year’s draft will truly change the game.- Triple H (4/7 Smackdown Live)

The present day, Fightful Select reported that WWE talent had not previously been told anything about the annual draft, but many assumed it would come after Wrestlemania. Hopefully everyone will be on the same page now and the company can move forward without further confusion.

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