Thursday, April 18

Triple H Looking To Set Certain Tone For Raw Without McMahon In Control


  • Triple H is leading a new era for WWE’s Monday Night Raw, focusing on extended matches, increased women’s representation, and solid technical wrestling.
  • Raw has the opportunity to establish its own unique identity due to its three-hour runtime and larger roster.
  • The diminished creative involvement of Vince McMahon allows for longer-term storytelling and dream matches that fans can be excited about under Triple H’s guidance.

Recent reports shed light on significant changes in WWE’s creative approach, specifically when it comes to Monday Night Raw. With Triple H now firmly taking the reins of creative for all of WWE, he’s attempting to usher in a new era for the red brand, something that was quite evident this past Monday when specific matches got a lot of television time.

Under his guidance, Raw has witnessed a surge in talent returns, impactful debuts, increased women’s representation, extended matches, and reduced in-ring restrictions. The plan is for that to continue, with a special focus on in-ring performers who can really go. This past Monday, matches featuring talents like Ivar vs. Kofi Kingston, Ricochet vs. Shinsuke Nakamura, and Gunther vs. Bronson Reed were a prime example of how Triple H sees the show as a real platform for solid technical wrestling or spectacles that tell a story as the performers put on a match. According to Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp, this is what Triple H wants for Raw — to be the better of two wrestling shows.

This isn’t to say that SmackDown won’t have great matches. But, because Raw is three hours and has a bigger roster, there’s more time to let these wrestlers do their thing. It’s a great way for Raw to establish its own unique identity.

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This is all possible now that Vince McMahon isn’t hanging over Raw like a dark cloud, ready to storm down upon the brand with last-minute changes. His creative involvement has diminished and this has freed up Raw to start telling longer-term stories with big matches that offer a payoff. The plan seems to be to combine compelling drama with great in-ring action, pitting opponents in dream matches that fans can really be excited about. Gunther vs. Bronson Reed was just one example.

Give Triple H Time To Work His Creative Magic

There may be an early resistance to pushing lesser-known stars, but if given the proper time to build, these stars can turn into main eventers, in part, because their matches are so good. Triple H’s ability to deliver compelling, long-term narratives aligns seamlessly with the modern wrestling landscape. As a result, the decision-makers at Endeavor, led by Ari Emanuel, recognized the need for a change and is behind Triple H’s vision for the show.

Fans and industry insiders eagerly anticipate the unfolding narratives under this refreshed creative direction.

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