Wednesday, February 28

Two Favorites To Be Revealed As AEW’s Devil Have Been Ruled Out


  • The ongoing mystery surrounding the identity of the person under the devil mask is a major draw for AEW fans.
  • Recent reports have ruled out Britt Baker and CM Punk as potential candidates for the devil-masked attacker.
  • Jack Perry, who has been absent from AEW since his altercation with Punk backstage, remains a strong contender as the person under the mask.

One of the biggest hooks in AEW right now is the ongoing mystery surrounding who is performing under the devil mask. A mask made famous in AEW by MJF, and even though Jay White remains unconvinced, the AEW Champion claims it isn’t him running around attacking people backstage. AEW fans have their theories, of course, but a new report appears to have ruled out two of those names. Britt Baker and CM Punk. Yes, there really is a belief that the fired Punk might be under the mask.

Narrowing Down The Devil Candidates

According to Fightful Select (via TJR Wrestling), whoever it is that has been attacking people while wearing the mask will be the person who is eventually revealed to be the devil. Some fans assumed the person who will eventually be revealed to have been under the mask all this time isn’t the one under there right now. Possibly because they’re injured – especially if it’s Adam Cole – but also because it doesn’t need to be the actual person until the big reveal.

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Since that’s not the way AEW is playing it, some people naturally know who the devil is since they’ve presumably seen them taking the mask on and off, and may have even worked with them when taping the segments. According to Fightful, those in the know have told the site neither Punk nor Baker have been performing as the devil. Those sources even went as far as to say Punk being revealed when the mask is eventually removed would be a “huge work” on those who are currently clued in.


The Devil Isn’t The DMD

Baker sparked chatter that she might be the devil when she threw up some devil horns in a recent crossover video between AEW and Doja Cat. The former Women’s Champion has openly discussed the possibility in interviews too, and she also has a connection to MJF since her real-life partner is Cole. The frame of the person wearing the mask also points to it potentially being Baker, but if Fightful’s report is anything to go by, we can rule out The DMD.

Thinking caps back on as it’s time to update the suspect list. Even before Punk and Baker were ruled out, my frontrunner was Jack Perry. Perry has been absent from AEW since he was suspended for his part in an altercation with Punk backstage at All In. The slighter frame of the Devil further compounds my belief that Perry is the culprit, especially now sources have told Fightful that the person who will eventually be revealed to be the Devil has been performing under the mask the entire time.

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