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Two Teams Surprising Teams Reportedly Featured In Survivor Series Event Program [Possible Spoiler]


  • Survivor Series program hints at the inclusion of Gallus and AOP, sparking speculation and excitement among wrestling fans. Exciting surprises may be in store.
  • Gallus’s presence is expected, given the promotional benefits, but the exclusion of other NXT teams adds intrigue to their inclusion.
  • AOP’s potential return has been discussed for months, and fans are curious to see how they will fit into WWE programming. The event raises questions about who they will target and if they will join a new faction.

This weekend’s Survivor Series premium live event promises to be an electrifying spectacle, with a stacked card and the return of Randy Orton already announced. However, there could be more surprises in store as two unexpected teams are being teased in the official event program. Pictures of the program haven’t been released, but the source of the report is considered reliable when it comes to these kinds of breaking stories.

** While not a confirmation of an appearance, please note the following contains possible spoilers.

According to insider information from the reputable Twitter account @WrestleVotes, the program for Survivor Series spotlights two notable teams set to grace the ring. One of these teams is none other than Gallus, a force to be reckoned with from NXT. Their inclusion is not entirely surprising, considering the promotional benefits of featuring an NXT powerhouse on such a grand stage. But, because no other NXT is reportedly featured in the program, it is intriguing.

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What truly sent shockwaves through the wrestling community is the revelation that Akam & Rezar, formerly known as The Authors of Pain (AOP), are also featured in the event program. Despite not officially being part of the current WWE roster, reports suggest that AOP inked a deal with the company some time ago. Fans who may not be privy to backstage developments are now left wondering what plans WWE has in store for this formidable duo.


Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful further fueled the speculation by revealing that AOP’s potential return has been in the cards for quite some time, with travel plans in the works as early as May. The question on everyone’s mind is where they might fit into the current landscape of WWE programming. Could AOP be destined to join forces with Santos Escobar? Rumors are swirling that Escobar may be assembling a new faction, especially after the fallout with the rest of LWO following his actions against Rey Mysterio. Could they simply be added to the tag team ranks? And if so, why Survivor Series and who will they be targeting?

Nothing Is Official On Either Team

While nothing is set in stone, the inclusion of Gallus and AOP in the Survivor Series program serves as a tantalizing hint of potential surprises awaiting fans this weekend. Wrestling enthusiasts will undoubtedly be watching closely to see if the photos turn into an appearance. And, if so, where things go from there.

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