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Tyga gifts Avril Lavigne with a custom-made diamond necklace worth..

Tyga is making sure his partner Avril matches his fit, the rapper recently gifted the “complicated” singer an $80,000 worth of custom-made diamond necklace from Mavain & Co Jewelry, as confirmed by TMZ. The necklace has her name written in diamonds, with two skulls and an acronym MFP which stands for “Mother***ing Princess”, as Avril calls herself. While the couple was out partying in Los Angeles, the singer was first seen flaunting the necklace.

According to TMZ, famed jewelry designer Eric Mavani designed the necklace. Additionally, he told TMZ that the necklace contains black diamonds, pink sapphires and 50 carats of white diamonds.

The rapper reportedly approached Mavain for a custom-made necklace three weeks earlier, so we can confirm that the rapper intended to gift it to his baby girl as rumors of their relationship hit headlines over the Week. Paris Fashion. The couple confirmed their relationship when they kissed at Fashion Week. Although there are no statements from the couple about their relationship, Tyga’s gesture of giving her such an expensive necklace changes everything.

Avril called off her engagement on February 20 with Mod Sun and was seen out with Tgya in Los Angeles a day earlier.

Avril and Mod Sun have parted ways after two years of dating. According to sources, People confirmed that Avril and Mod Sun have called off their engagement after being engaged for almost a year.

In a statement from an insider to People, he confirmed: “Avril and Mod Sun have been on and off for the past two months, but they are no longer together as a couple.”

Mod Sun was reportedly caught off guard as he had no idea that Arvil was planning to split up.

A rep for Mod Sun told Page Six: “They were together and engaged for three days when he went on tour, so if anything has changed, that’s news to him.”

While Mod Sun was on tour, rapper Travis McCoy started yelling “F***Tyga!” and the crowd soon joined him. Mod ran backstage as the chant grew louder.

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Tyga Gifts Avril Lavigne A Custom-Made $80,000 Diamond Necklace

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