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UFC Legend Mark Coleman Induced Coma After Rescuing Parents From House Fire


  • Mark Coleman, former UFC fighter, is in an induced coma after rescuing parents from a house fire.
  • Despite saving his parents, Coleman’s dog did not survive the blaze.
  • Coleman’s family remains hopeful for his recovery as details surrounding his condition remain uncertain.

Former UFC fighter Mark Coleman, 59, is currently in an induced coma in intensive care following a daring rescue attempt to save his parents from a devastating house fire that broke out in Toledo, Ohio, early Tuesday morning. His manager, Michael DiSabato, confirmed the distressing incident.

According to DiSabato, the blaze ignited around 4 a.m. when Coleman was alerted by the barking of the family’s dog, Hammer. Reacting swiftly, Coleman managed to evacuate both his father and mother from the engulfed residence. Tragically, despite his valiant efforts, Coleman’s attempt to rescue Hammer from the flames proved unsuccessful, resulting in the dog’s demise.


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Details surrounding Coleman’s condition remain uncertain, as it is unclear whether he collapsed inside or outside the burning home. DiSabato reported that the roof collapsed as firefighters arrived on the scene, and Coleman endured the effects of smoke inhalation. He was subsequently airlifted to a nearby Toledo hospital for urgent medical treatment.

Despite the severity of the situation, Coleman’s family members remain optimistic about his recovery. In an Instagram post, his daughter Morgan Coleman described her father as “fighting for his life.”

“As many know, our dad was involved in a house fire early this morning along with his parents and beloved dog, hammer. He managed to carry both of his parents out of the house but despite his best efforts was not able to save hammer. He was life-flighted to the hospital where he is currently battling for his life after this heroic act.”

Furthermore, Coleman’s mother, Connie Foos Coleman, expressed gratitude for their survival and solicited prayers for Mark’s well-being in a hopeful Facebook message late Tuesday evening.

“I am going to bed! Thank God we are alive. Prayers for Mark ! Thank you to all the firefighters. And sheriffs dept. EMS Red Cross. and especially my family. Could not do this without you!”

Fire officials have yet to provide further details regarding the cause of the fire or the extent of the damage. Requests for information from relevant authorities have gone unanswered at this time.

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