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Varun Dhawan hugs Gigi Hadid kissing her at the event?

Bollywood actor Varun Dhawan is one of the most adored heartthrobs of his generation. He recently seems to bring joy to the audience with his moving performances. Videos of his immaculate dancing have gone viral, and he recently attended the NMACC event with many well-known Bollywood and international stars. However, a specific video of the stunt of him involving supermodel Gigi Hadid has the internet in a fit of laughter.

In the currently popular video, the 35-year-old is seen dragging Hadid across the stage during her dance performance. She leaves the stage after he kisses her on the cheek after picking up the bridal gown from her and turning her around. Apparently, Varun’s actions did not sit well with the internet community because they accused him of kissing Gigi without her permission. Worse still, they called him “Chhichhora Dhawan”. The actor has since provided an explanation in response to the aforementioned.

The Bhediya actor said Gog’s stage presence with him was previously planned in response to a tweet that has since been deleted by a user on the internet. He then asks the Internet user to choose another topic to complain about. He wrote: “I guess you woke up today and decided to wake up. So let me burst your bubble and tell you that she was planned to be on stage so she finds a new Twitter cause to vent instead of going out and doing something about it. Good day.”

Gigi Hadid also put an end to all the speculation and shared the same video on her Instagram stories that designer Prabal Gurung originally shared with Varun on Instagram. She wrote: “Varun Dhawan, make my Bollywood dreams come true.”

Varun’s explanation has now caused controversy on the internet. While many defended him and praised him as one of the most reputable actors in Hindi cinema, others questioned what culture he represented by making all the time the model spent with him so awkward and embarrassing.

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Did Varun Dhawan Embrace Gigi Hadid By Kissing Her At The NMACC Event? Both Gave Clarifications To The Trolls!

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