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Vince McMahon Selling Over $700 Million Worth Of TKO Stock


  • Vince McMahon is selling 8.4 million shares of his TKO Group Holdings stock, which could net him over $700 million.
  • The sale could be a sign that McMahon is looking to get out of WWE, as there have been rumors of him being pushed out by TKO.
  • TKO Group plans to buy back around $100 million worth of its stock from the underwriter, benefiting McMahon and other key figures within the company.

TKO has noted in a recent press release that Vince McMahon is selling 8,400,000 shares of his TKO Group Holdings stock. The stock, currently value at around $84.9 per share would net McMahon over $700 million dollars. That’s certainly enough money to enjoy his possible retirement and ride off into the sunset with a boatload of cash, should he so choose. So too, the sale could be a significant sign that he’s looking to get out of WWE. His being pushed out by TKO is something that has been rumored of late.

McMahon owned more than 28 million shares as of August, according to a regulatory filing. TKO’s stock fell 5% Thursday. Part of that may have been due to the continued news and shareholder restructuring that surrounds the company, or news surfacing that Vince was listed as a “risk factor” on the latest SEC filings. It seemed clear from those reports that TKO was looking to separate from McMahon, having acknowledged his board position was being viewed internally as a potential source of unfavorable publicity for the Endeavor-owned company. The paperwork noted that McMahon’s link to the company could have “adverse financial and operational impacts” on their business operations.


As per Ringside News, in this offering, speculation is that TKO Group plans to buy back around $100.0 million worth of its Class A Common Stock from the underwriter. It’s essential to clarify that the company itself is not selling any shares in this transaction. The proceeds from this secondary offering will benefit McMahon but the Company’s Chief Executive Officer and director, Ariel Emanuel, along with key figures such as Mark Shapiro, the Company’s President and Chief Operating Officer, and specific directors, have shown interest in acquiring shares of the Company’s Class A Common Stock from this offering at the public offering price.

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Is McMahon Getting Out?

There have been signs that TKO and Vince McMahon are splitting. Each week we seem to say that the latest news is the biggest. But, selling $700 million worth of stock may take the cake. The timing of it can’t be a coincidence either. It’s awfully convienient that one day TKO is calling Vince a risk factor and not long after he’s dumping a ton of stock.

Some fans have joked that maybe he’s lining up the funds to buy AEW and compete with WWE. It’s fun idea, even though the odds of that happening are slim to none.

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