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Wardlow is the champion of TNT! Sammy Guevara and Jungle Boy fight for a chance at MJF!

This week, AEW took Dynamite to Pittsburgh, Britt Baker’s hometown. Before she finished the night, she would experience the high points of a great match and the low points of a shocking beating.

Although that was not all. It would also see a new champion crowned, two legends meeting for the first time, the continuation of the feud between The Elite and The Blackpool Combat Club, and a brutal main event with major implications. Here are the winners and losers from Dynamite on April 19.


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Loser: Three of AEW’s four mainstays don’t seem ready for the spotlight

The show opened with Jungle Boy coming down to the ring in street clothes. Before he could speak, Sammy Guevara would interrupt him. Before Guevara could speak, Darby Allin came out. The three shone a few weeks ago in a segment with MJF, but here they had to take it without him. For the most part, they failed. None of them seemed comfortable on the mic. They each went into the stereotypical promotion, saying that they respected the other, but also hated them. His insults, outside of Jungle Boy exploding “you piece of shit” were juvenile. Jungle Boy said that Darby Allin was a wrestler only because he couldn’t make it as a skater. Oh no! Language, Jack! Fans were dead for the segment until MJF’s music arrived.

The AEW World Champion came out and showed everyone how it’s done. He told the group to stop fighting for him and then announced that, after speaking with his good friend Tony Khan, there would be a Four Pillars tournament. The winner among the three men in the ring will face MJF at Double or Nothing. Even better, the tournament would start tonight, with Jungle Boy and Sammy Guevara! The winner will face Darby Allin, who was fired simply by pulling his name out of a hat.

MJF was great as always, but Perry, Guevara and Allin dropped the ball. All of them are great in the ring, but none of them made it look like he could run a company yet.

Winner: Britt Baker and Jamie Hayter vs. ruby soho & toni storm

The crowd came to life when their hometown hero arrived, as she and the AEW Women’s Champion took on two-thirds of The Outcasts. The heels took control early after attacking Baker and Hayter on the ramp. Hayter and Storm started out in the ring. The Outcasts dominated early, with a hip attack from Storm and a kick to the face from Soho’s Hayter. They then took Britt out of the ring. Soho was next, and The Outcasts, with Saraya’s help, worked to keep Hayter away from Baker’s label.

Hayter fought back after the commercial break, hitting Storm with a slingshot. Britt Baker came on and ran into an air attack for a 2 count on Toni. However, the Outcasts fought dirty, stopping Baker and Hayter’s offense after Saraya hit Britt over the head with the AEW Women’s Championship. The group was unable to defeat Pittsburgh’s favorite wrestler. She came back and hit a perfect Panama Sunrise in Soho for a near 3 count. She then hooked the Lockjaw in Soho for the submission win.

The match didn’t set the world on fire, but it was solid and gave all four women a fair amount of ring time. Congratulations on giving Britt Baker the win and bringing the crowd back to life after the first awkward segment of the night.

Winner: The Elite have a new partner to help them in their war with the BCC

The Elite went down to the ring. Kenny Omega took the microphone and said that the last few weeks had been the most difficult of his life. He said that he didn’t have much to say. He wanted to see Blackpool Combat Club in the ring so they could settle their differences as men. Instead, Bryan Danielson appeared on screen, a distraction while the rest of the BCC attacked The Elite from behind.

The two groups fought in and out of the ring, each getting the upper hand at times. Eventually, the BCC took control, with Wheeler Yuta targeting Matt Jackson’s injured bicep, Claudio Castagnoli landing a gut-wrenching powerbomb on Nick Jackson, and Jon Moxley taking out Omega with a Death Rider. Danielson then came down with a screwdriver, ready to drive it into Omega’s head. It was then that Don Callis came downstairs, before quickly leaving after taking in the overwhelming situation. He Appeared again seconds later with Konosuke Takeshita! The young Japanese phenom came down and helped The Elite oust The BCC. Callis raised the arms of The Elite and Takeshita.

The segment worked well to promote the storyline between The Elite and The Blackpool Combat Club. Perhaps even more important, it elevated Takeshita, who seems to be on the verge of becoming a megastar.

Winner: Powerhouse Hobbs Vs Wardlow for the TNT Championship

Wardlow came down to the ring with Arn Anderson, while of course Hobbs had QT Marshall with him. Wardlow started hot with three belly-to-belly suplexes on the champion. The two then entered the fans to continue their match. Back in the ring, Hobbs hit Wardlow with a frog splash. The former TNT champion fought back with two German suplexes.

The match turned when Harley Cameron jumped over the edge of the ring to distract Wardlow. It worked, allowing Marshall to hit Wardlow with a cutter while the referee was away. Hobbs only got a count of 2 and Arn Anderson took out QT with his iconic DDT. Wardlow hit Hobbs with a trifecta of powerbombs to take the win and become a three-time champion. Then Christian Cage and Luchasaurus looked at the new champion.

This match was both a success and a failure. As a match, it worked well. It’s great to see Arn Anderson back, and Wardlow deserves to be a star after his push was crushed last year. Still, Hobbs was truly becoming the champion, and with another title change, the TNT Championship feels more and more like WWE’s defunct 24/7 title.

Winner: Kommander vs. Jay White

Jay White, with Juice Robinson by his side, made his in-ring debut on AEW Dynamite. White and Kommander began by shaking hands before launching into a fast-paced war. Kommander was able to show off more of his phenomenal rope work, bouncing up and down like a character from a video game. Meanwhile, Shawn Spears was shown to be watching from ringside. When White attacked Kommander from the outside, Spears raised the scorecards, giving White a 4 and a 6 for his effort.

During a commercial break, White continued to dominate, but when the spots ended, it was Kommander who took over with a series of punches, before White nearly ripped his head off with a clothesline. Kommander then did his now famous rope ride before taking a dive at White. Spears gave it a 10. The two went back and forth with fast-paced offenses, hitting shooting star presses and springboard phoenix splashes, before Jay White used a merciless suplex and then a Blade Runner for the win. White and Juice Robinson then attacked Shawn Spears in the ring, before Ricky Starks charged and impaled Juice.

Jay White and Kommander have had better matches, but this one did a good job of introducing White to a new home audience that might not be very familiar with his work.

Winner: Chris Jericho Takes Things Too Far With Adam Cole

For the first time in history, Chris Jericho and Adam Cole met in a wrestling ring, a moment that did not go unnoticed by either of them. Cole mentioned his respect for Jericho, and how his catchphrase even came from Jericho. They shook hands, but then Jericho said that he had no respect for Adam Cole after he interrupted him last week. Cole told Jericho that he was a stupid jerk, which the fans were happy to yell at him. Jericho told Cole to get out of the ring before slapping him. The two fought, leading to Daniel Garcia going down.

The pair used the numbers game to defeat Cole, but then, Britt Baker made the surprising save and went down to rescue her boyfriend. She looked at Jericho and slapped him. It was then that The Outcasts appeared from under the ring. Cole was handcuffed to a ring rope and forced to watch as Saraya hit Britt’s back with a Kendo stick multiple times. “Austin!” Britt yelled, reaching for her shoulder. You know he’s serious when the real names come out.

It was fun to see Jericho and Cole together. Their growing feud was made even more interesting by the inclusion of Britt Baker, and for one of the few times since their formation, The Outcasts were well booked in this segment.

Loser: The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn vs. the JAS

There is not much to say about this sad game. Going in, the stipulation was that if Daddy Magic, Cool Hand Ang, and Jake Hager won, The Acclaimed had to team up with The JAS. The Acclaimed were entertaining as always, with Max Caster delivering a great rap that included references to Bud Light and Draymond Green. The match itself was a stink, short and tasteless, with most of it taking place during a commercial break. The only saving grace was The Acclaimed taking the win.

The Acclaimed were the most popular part of AEW just a few months ago, but ever since they were stripped of their Tag Team Championships, they’ve been running without much to do. It is a pity. They deserve better.

Winner: Sammy Guevara vs. Jungle Boy

The main event of the night was delivered with non-stop fast action as Darby Allin watched from the rafters. Guevara hit a Spanish fly on the outside. Jungle Boy powerbombed Guevara on the edge of the ring and then hit an absolutely sick Destroyer off the top rope.

The last half of the match, however, almost went too far. Jungle Boy took several vicious moves that had him landing on top of his head, including a disgusting looking DDT implant. Poor Jack neck! Fortunately, the action slowed down a bit, but then Jungle Boy was thrown out of the ring and through the timekeeper’s table. The referee began his count, and as Jungle Jack was about to return to the ring at 9, Guevara grabbed the referee and rebuffed him. That’s when MJF, who had paid Guevara earlier in the show to do his bidding, showed up and kicked out Jungle Boy before running off. As the referee turned, he counted out Jack Perry. MJF and Sammy Guevara celebrated together in the ring to end the show, while above, Darby Allin shook his head.

The Four Pillars had a disappointing war of words.

Britt Baker and Jamie Hayter def. The marginalized by submission.

Backstage, Arn Anderson joined forces with Wardlow.

The Elite & The BCC battled in the ring, with a save from Takeshita.

Wardlow def. Powerhouse Hobbs by pinfall to become the new TNT champion.

Backstage, MJF paid off Sammy Guevara and promised him a title fight.

Jay White def. Kommander by pinfall, Ricky Starks saved Shawn Spears.

Backstage, FTR came to the aid of Mark Briscoe and agreed to team up with Jay Lethal and Jeff Jarrett.

Chris Jericho and Adam Cole’s issues led to Britt Baker being eliminated by The Outcasts.

A short video package set up Jeff Hardy addressing AEW fans at Rampage.

The Acclaimed with Billy Gunn def. The JAS by pinfall.

Sammy Guevara, with help from MJF, der. Jungle Boy by count.

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