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What Happened To D-Generation X Members

D-Generation X was an act which really represented what the Attitude Era in WWE was all about. They raised the bar in terms of “attitude” and risqué content, they pushed the limits of what was allowed on national TV, and they had a whole load of talent on top of that. Over the years, D-Generation X has had several iterations and a number of different “official” members, but what happened to all of them?


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The members of DX went in a few different directions, and in the modern day it is interesting to see how some of them ended up. Very minor and short-term members of the group such as Hornswoggle and Mike Tyson who aren’t considered official members won’t be included here.

8 X-Pac Is Signed To A WWE Legends Deal

X-Pac Was A DX Member For Several Years

For a time, X-Pac was the most dedicated member of DX, keeping the act alive even when Triple H went to join the Corporation. He was never the biggest member of the act, but he will forever be a favored part of it.

X-Pac is now signed to a WWE legends deal, though aside from the semi-regular DX reunions over the years, he hasn’t done much on WWE programming. He returned to the ring in 2022 in GCW, but this didn’t mark a renewed run as a performer.

7 Rick Rude Passed Away At An Early Age

Rude Was An Original DX Member

  • Rick Rude was only a short-term DX member
  • He was a non-active member
  • He left DX and WWE after a month to join WCW

Rick Rude was one of the very first members of DX, joining the group as their “insurance policy”. This policy wasn’t long lasting as he soon left the group and WWE as a whole to go and join WCW.

Unfortunately, just a couple of years later Rude tragically lost his life after suffering from heart failure in the year 1999 at just 40 years of age. He was inducted into WWE’s Hall of Fame in 2017.

6 Tori Now Runs A Yoga Studio And Isn’t Involved In Wrestling

Tori Was DX’s Second Member

  • She was the on-screen girlfriend of X-Pac
  • She turned heel, betraying Kane and joining DX
  • Tori transitioned away from DX following an injury

Tori became DX’s second female member in 2000 when she turned heel on then boyfriend Kane to join up with X-Pac in what was revealed to be a big ruse and swerve. She often accompanied the male DX members to the ring and was involved in feuds.


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After getting released from WWE in 2001, she did not pursue any further career in professional wrestling, instead switching her focus to yoga where she ended up running her own yoga studio.

5 Road Dogg Is WWE’s Senior Vice President Of Live Events

Road Dogg Was A Member Of The New Age Outlaws

  • He was one of the more charismatic members of DX
  • His introductory promo on the mic is iconic for the group
  • He won several tag titles as part of DX

Road Dogg joined the second iteration of D-Generation X in 1998, becoming a mainstay of the group throughout the Attitude Era. He would go on to be a part of mini-reunions on special episodes of RAW too here and there over the years.

Since his career came to an end, Road Dogg has had some backstage roles in WWE, such as being a writer for SmackDown. In 2022, he took over from Jeff Jarrett as WWE’s Senior Vice President of Live Events – a role which he retains to this day.

4 Billy Gunn Is Still An Active Wrestler In AEW

Gunn Was One Half Of DX’s Main Tag Team, The New Age Outlaws

  • Gunn joined the second iteration of DX
  • He and Road Dogg of the New Age Outlaws were DX’s main tag duo
  • Gunn has been a part of special DX reunions

Billy Gunn of the New Age Outlaws began, along with Road Dogg, aligned themselves with DX once Shawn Michaels left the group due to his early retirement, and they went on to dominate the tag team division, representing the group.

Despite his growing age (now at 60 years old) Billy Gunn is still an active wrestler in a big promotion. He is a part of The Acclaimed act and even won the AEW World Trios Championships at AEW All Out. Gunn is in phenomenal shape and is super over with fans – perhaps more over than he’s ever been in his whole career.

3 Chyna Tragically Passed Away In 2016

Chyna Led The Women’s Division As A Member Of DX

  • She was an enforcer for DX
  • She took on male wrestlers as a DX member
  • Chyna reigned as Women’s Champion during her time with DX

Chyna’s rise to prominence in WWE came during her time in DX, where she was presented as a world beater and badass. She would take it to male and female wrestlers alike, and even became Intercontinental Champion eventually.

In 2016, Chyna sadly lost her life via an overdose, according to the autopsy report. Chyna isn’t often mentioned on WWE programming today, though she was finally inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2019 as a member of the D-Generation X faction.

2 Shawn Michaels Runs WWE’s Developmental Brand NXT

Michaels Was World Champion During His Time In DX

  • Shawn Michaels was initially the main guy in DX
  • His early retirement took him out of the group
  • Michaels was a key figure in DX reunions

Up until his ill-timed injury and early retirement, Shawn Michaels was pushed as the main world champion and figurehead in D-Generation X, though when he returned he was subsequently a big part of their various reunions.


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It took a while for Shawn Michaels to get properly involved in WWE following his retirement, but in 2016 he became a Performance Center trainer. He remained involved in the NXT brand in varying capacities as a writer and more, before becoming WWE’s Senior Vice President of Talent Development, which now sees him run the NXT brand as its main decision maker.

1 Triple H Is WWE’s Head Of Creative Under New Ownership

Triple H Was The De Facto Leader Of DX

  • He was often presented as the biggest star of DX
  • He was mostly a constant in D-Generation X
  • Triple H was the one to bring DX back in the 2000s

On par with Shawn Michaels much of the time, Triple H was one of the two biggest stars of D-Generation X, and when looking at all the members of the group, he is still in the most prominent position today without a doubt.

As his in-ring career slowed down, Triple H became a backstage presence in WWE, and this all led to him eventually becoming the Chief Content Officer of WWE. He was given the role of Head Of Creative after Vince McMahon’s first “retirement”, remaining in that role ever since WWE was sold to Endeavor. He is the face of WWE when it comes to press conferences and major on-screen decisions.

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