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What Torrie Wilson Regrets About Her WWE Career


  • Training in WCW was brutal; Madusa dropped Torrie Wilson on her head purposely.
  • During WWE stint, Wilson was uncomfortable with sexualized segments, like bikini contests.
  • Leaving WWE, Wilson struggled with PTSD, trauma from objectification and judgment.

Torrie Wilson’s WWE tenure is a tale of triumph and tribulation, navigating the complex landscape of the Divas era. From her early days in WCW to her stint in WWE, she faced brutal training and grappled with the objectification of women in professional wrestling. Wilson’s candid revelations shed light on the uncomfortable demands placed upon female performers, particularly during the era of bikini contests and bra-and-panties matches. But amidst the glitz and glamour, she harbors regrets and reflects on mortifying moments that scarred her psyche. What led Wilson to reject certain segments proposed by Vince McMahon, and why did she suffer from PTSD after leaving WWE? She reveals a harrowing account.

Torrie Wilson’s Brutal Introduction To Wrestling In WCW

Madusa Purposely Dropped Torrie Wilson On Her Head

Torrie Wilson’s Active In-Ring Career

February 1999 – May 2008

Torrie Wilson’s entry into the WWE Universe was preceded by her time in WCW, where she underwent grueling training that provided her with a glimpse into the demanding world of professional wrestling. However, it was her transition to WWE that catapulted her into the spotlight during the infamous Divas era. The Divas era of WWE, which spanned from the late 1990s to the early 2010s, was characterized by the hyper-sexualization and objectification of women. Female performers were often relegated to secondary roles, valued more for their physical appearance than their in-ring abilities. Torrie Wilson, with her striking looks and undeniable charisma, quickly became a focal point of this era.

During her time in WWE, Wilson was frequently featured in segments that emphasized her sexuality, including bikini contests, lingerie matches, and provocative storylines. These segments, while popular with certain segments of the audience, often left female performers feeling uncomfortable and objectified. But even before this her experience with wrestling, her training in WCW wasn’t a cakewalk, as she told Chris Van Vliet in an interview. She said:

“The biggest thing that I was trying to dig for was pushing past that fear and looking like I know what I’m doing… I was so shy that I literally just wanted to slink away and hide, so I was getting heat for not being friendly but I just wanted to hide beneath a rock! We were crying. We felt like we were in car wrecks. And I remember Madusa dropped me on my head on purpose — I didn’t understand how frustrating it was for them.”


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Torrie Wilson Was Mortified While Doing Bikini Segments In WWE

Torrie Wilson Rejected Two WWE Segments

During her time in WWE, Torrie Wilson found herself thrust into a series of uncomfortable and mortifying situations, many of which revolved around the overt sexualization of female performers. While she acknowledges that such segments as the bikini matches were a prevalent aspect of the Divas era, she also reveals the inner turmoil she experienced in navigating these demands, in the same interview. She said:

“They were all mortifying. People don’t realize. I went out there and owned it the best I could and pushed through the fear, but it was mortifying. There were times when, I remember specifically this house show, that I was in this bikini showdown with Dawn Marie and Sable and someone else. I was standing in the corner watching one of the girls dance in the middle and literally fighting back tears. ‘I cannot believe I’m doing this right now.’ It got to a raunchy point, and I was like, ‘I don’t want to be a part of this,’ but it was also my job. There was twice that I can remember…first of all, I’m a major people pleaser, so saying no to people is really hard. I’m recovering from that. There was one time where I had a thing with Sable and Vince wanted me to come out with the paint on my boobs like she did. I was like, ‘hard no, I can’t do that.’ It ended up being nearly nothing anyway. The other time was when I did Playboy, Vince wanted me to do a pay-per-view, like a video. That one was very hardcore pressed, and it was really hard for me to say no, but I absolutely didn’t want that.”


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Torrie Wilson Was Scarred After Leaving WWE

Torrie Wilson Suffered From PTSD After What She Had Done In WWE

Following her departure from WWE, Torrie Wilson found herself grappling with the lingering effects of her experiences. The trauma and emotional scars resulting from her time in the spotlight cast a long shadow over her life. The constant exposure and objectification took a toll on her mental well-being. She said:

“I didn’t watch wrestling. I didn’t want anything to do with wrestling for many years after I left mostly because I just had a certain amount of PTSD from being so vulnerable out there and feeling like I was put in this kind of, like, this raunchy role that wasn’t me. I felt judgment from people. I felt like people looked down on me for like, just stuff that I did, the bra and panty matches and all that, so like, I just wanted to shut that door.”

It wasn’t until the watershed moment of the first-ever women’s Royal Rumble in 2018 that Torrie felt compelled to re-engage with wrestling in a meaningful way, as she did participate in that match. In essence, Torrie’s journey beyond WWE serves as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. Despite facing adversity and enduring trauma, she has emerged stronger and more determined than ever before. Through self-reflection, healing, and advocacy, she has found redemption in her pain, transforming her scars into sources of strength.

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