Wednesday, November 29

When Dwayne Johnson’s ex revealed his dirty secrets; He “he has an AS*xual fetish that he would never allow”

Dwayne Johnson, known as The Rock, is the benchmark for a successful career change in show business. After dominating professional wrestling for years, Johnson has also excelled in his acting career. He is not only on the list of working actors, but also on the list of highest-earning actors in Hollywood. While the actors’ professional lives are just as inspiring as they are, their personal lives are pretty scary.

I remember the time Dwayne married his wife Lauren Hashian, and while everyone was congratulating the couple, his ex-girlfriend Robbin Young took to Twitter to mock him and call him an adulterer.

He took to Twitter to congratulate the newly married couple, Dwayne Johnson and Lauren Hashian. Taking a subtle look at the Black Adam actor, she wrote: ‚ÄúCongratulations to Dwayne Johnson #TheRock and #LaurenHashian. Hopefully Dwayne will be faithful to Lauren and he won’t commit adultery like he did to me in 2004 while he was married to Dany @DanyGarciaCo.” However, he later deleted the tweet after the backlash he received from the internet.

The Rock was married to his first wife, Dany Garcia, when he began dating Robbin Young. Fans criticized her for sinking so low while he was enjoying her marriage to Lauren Hashian.

Robbin revealed some startling revelations about the actor’s sexual obsessions in a post-Twitter comment to one of the users, writing: “#TheRock is a lousy fuk, and has a sexual fetish he would never allow.”

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