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When Shah Rukh Khan forced Lady Gaga to take her watch, netizens say: “Kitna Cringe Aur Uncomfortable Movement”

One of the most successful stars in the world, Shah Rukh Khan has been regularly mentioned by the international media as the biggest movie star in the world. She has a huge following, and most of them are fans. However, during his interview with singer-actress Lady Gaga during her 2011 visit, in 2011, in an attempt to add a touch of humor, the actor went a bit further. Many people criticized the interview when Shah Rukh Khan stepped forward and forced her to take the watch from her.

The clip was recently shared on Reddit by a user. The caption read: “Do you think his behavior here is acceptable?” In the video it can be seen that Shah Rukh Khan offered her the expensive watch as a gift from her, but she politely refused to accept it. As she refused, the actor moved from one corner of the sofa to the other, almost leaning over her. Forcing her to look, he curled up with his head down, constantly saying ‘no’ and ‘get out of here’. She then asked him to give the watch to a fan, but he told her that she could give it away if he wanted.

As soon as the shared video got a negative response, netizens criticized Shah Rukh Khan for his behavior. One user wrote: “People who adore celebrities always associate intelligence with money and fame. They need to understand that so-called celebrities, especially from the entertainment industry, can be dumb as a streetlight but still have more money and fame.”

The second user wrote: “If you want a better example of a goofy movie hero, look no further than Telugu actor Pavan Kalyan. Bugger can’t act shit, he can’t dance, he has some unvalidated martial arts skills, and he rambles incoherently, but he’s so hero-worshipped that his mannerisms are called “pawanism.” He supports the industry. He provides a livelihood for many people, but not for these fools.

The third user wrote: “Bollywood and all associated are cheap rubbish. Lady Gaga was definitely not comfortable.”

The fourth user wrote: “He thinks B mein grade Indian movies, in which he stars, ye sab chalta hai so sabhi jagah chalta hoga. Let’s not forget that SRK is a shameful chhapri.”

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