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Who Did Vince McMahon Buy WWE From & 7 Other Questions About WWE’s History, Answered

Right now as you’re reading this, the WWE is gearing up to head to Motown for the hottest party of the summer – SummerFest. Actually, SummerSlam. Since the event’s inception, it has always been an exciting time for the WWE. This year is no different, the company is at an all-time creative high.

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But let’s not forget the company’s rich history either. The McMahon family as promoters dates back to Athletic Clubs and even a Negro Leagues baseball team. While they are wholly associated today with wrestling and World Wrestling Entertainment, there are still several questions to answer when reviewing the history of WWE.

8 Who Did Vince McMahon Buy WWE From?

Vince K and Vince J McMahon Cropped

While Vince McMahon did purchase the Capital Wrestling Corporation from his father, there were rules and payments which needed to be adhered to strictly. In order to gain ownership of the entire company, Vince had to make payments to not only his father but the other owners – Gorilla Monsoon and Arnold Skaaland as well.

He also had to make one huge balloon payment at the end, similar to leasing a car in America. Had McMahon missed a single payment control would revert to Vincent J. and the rest of the brain trust.

Roderick Jess McMahon Cropped

While just about everything we fans love about wrestling and Sports Entertainment have Vince McMahon’s vision to thank, who does the Chairman have to thank for imbuing him with the ideas and the heritage? The entire idea that New York is the WWE’s home base dates all the way back to Vince McMahon’s grandfather, Roderick Jess McMahon.

Jess’ history of promoting began over 100 years ago in 1910 with the formation of the Lincoln Giants Baseball Club. Very similar to his grandson, Jess would recruit the best players from other teams to play for his team. Depending on whose paperwork you believe, it was also Jess that founded the CWC and not Vincent James.

6 What Was The “Vince Goes To Jail” Contingency Plan?

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In the early nineties, Vince McMahon faced down his toughest challenge – the FBI. The United States Federal Bureau Of Investigations opened up a case against Vince McMahon and WWE for allegedly peddling steroids.

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The charges were fairly malarkey and the boss faced them down. But there was a contingency plan in place for the company to move forward without Vince had he been convicted. Several accounts have detailed how the likely head of WWE in this instance would have been none other than Jerry Jarrett. The man that Vince Sr. told his son to turn to should need advice was already part of WWE as a consultant during this time.

5 When Did Vince Meet Linda?

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Despite having the WWE’s home base being “Up North” in New York City, both Vince and Linda McMahon are actually Tarheels! During his time as a character in WWE, he would challenge the very might of God while feuding with Shawn Michaels.

But during his youth, he was a young church-going man. It was there in church that he would a young Linda Marie Edwards, the future Mrs. McMahon.

4 Breaking Away From The NWA

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While the WWE generally operates within the scope of their own WWE Universe, they have over the course of their history worked with other promotions. In fact, they were once part of the National Wrestling Alliance. Vince Sr. and the CWC were part of the NWA for several years when Lou Thesz defeated Buddy Rogers for the NWA Title.

However, Vince and his partner, Toots Mondt refused to recognize the title change, citing that the NWA was not a strong draw in the Northeast. The CWC withdrew from the NWA becoming the WWWF in the process and recognizing Buddy Rogers as the first champion.

3 Other Sports Entertainment Ventures

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Over the years, as plenty of fans know full well, Vince McMahon has tried to venture farther out into the promotions game. Vince tried his hand at Bodybuilding, Football, and even promoted a few Boxing matches over the years.

He wasn’t the first McMahon to try and venture out into other areas of entertainment. After all, it was his grandfather who started promoting Boxing and Athletic clubs before trying his hand at Baseball. Professional wrestling actually came later.

2 Vince McMahon’s Brother

Vince And Roderick McMahon Cropped

While the WWE is indeed a family business, one member of the family opted to not get involved. Vince’s brother Roderick, unfortunately, passed away last year. While he wasn’t involved in any of the crazy McMahon family zaniness, he was in attendance for some of the big shows and Hall Of Fame ceremonies over the years.

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Instead of being part of his family’s birthright, Roderick opted to serve his country as part of the USAF, and later he founded North American Metals.

1 The Future

Stephanie McMahon And Daughters Cropped

With Stephanie on indefinite hiatus, Triple H running creative, Shane’s status questionable, and Vince running amok doing lord-knows-what, sometimes it seems like the future of the WWE should be called into question.

Oddly enough with the sale to Endeavor, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, more than ever before the company has solid footing. Plus, with Stephanie and Triple H’s daughter Aurora already training, there will be at least a fifth generation in the business very soon.

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