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Why Bayley Needs To Betray Iyo Sky


  • Bayley’s selflessness has caused her to take a backseat in Damage CTRL, sacrificing her own career for the greater good of her team.
  • Her alliance with Iyo Sky and Dakota Kai has resulted in a decline in her own championship success and a disheartening win-loss record.
  • To regain her dominance and secure her own legacy, Bayley needs to betray Iyo Sky and refocus on her personal championship ambitions, creating compelling storylines for WWE fans.

In the dynamic world of WWE’s women’s division, where legends are born and stars rise and fall, one name has consistently shone brightly as the unsung hero of the ring – Bayley. As the first-ever Grand Slam Champion in WWE history, Bayley’s legacy speaks for itself. For years, she’s dedicated herself to elevating the new women’s stars, guiding them to success while putting her own career on hold. However, the time has come for Bayley to reclaim her spot in the spotlight, and there is a strong reason why she needs to betray Iyo Sky to reignite her WWE career immediately.

Bayley Has Taken A Backseat In Damage CTRL

Bayley’s meteoric rise in WWE peaked in 2020 when she was riding high as the SmackDown Women’s Champion, setting records for the longest title reign in the division’s history. During this challenging period when the world was grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic, Bayley became a beacon of hope and consistency for WWE fans. Bayley’s reign wasn’t just about longevity; it was about innovation. She reinvented herself as a character, adopting a villainous persona that fans grew to love to hate. Her charisma, mic skills, and in-ring prowess elevated her as a top-tier talent in WWE’s women’s division.


But then, just as the pandemic was winding down and the WWE Universe was beginning to return to arenas, fate dealt Bayley a cruel blow. She suffered a devastating injury that forced her to the sidelines for an extended period. This hiatus disrupted her momentum and took her away from the fans who had come to adore her. The return of Bayley at SummerSlam 2022 was a momentous occasion, filled with anticipation and excitement. However, it came with a twist that caught many by surprise. Bayley didn’t come back alone; she was joined by Iyo Sky and Dakota Kai, forming Damage CTRL. While this alliance showed her willingness to adapt and evolve, it also hinted at the sacrifices she was willing to make for the greater good of her team.

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The Effect Of Damage CTRL On Bayley

This alliance was initially seen as an opportunity for Bayley to reestablish herself and regain her championship status. However, the journey took an unexpected turn. Throughout most of 2022, Damage CTRL faced a string of losses. While they displayed incredible teamwork and undeniable talent, victory seemed to elude them. Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky did manage to capture the Women’s Tag Team Championship, but their reign proved short-lived, failing to capture the hearts of fans or establish them as dominant champions.


The turning point occurred in 2023 when Iyo Sky secured the Women’s Money in the Bank contract. Iyo, seizing her moment, cashed in the contract and emerged victorious, becoming the reigning Women’s Champion. While this accomplishment was undoubtedly a crowning achievement for Iyo Sky, it came at a cost to Bayley. Bayley’s career, once marked by championship success and fan adulation, began to take a backseat. She continued to support her teammates, embracing a selfless role that put Damage CTRL’s interests above her own. Bayley’s win-loss record in 2023 is nothing short of disheartening. With an astonishing loss rate of nearly 88%, she has struggled to secure victories, and the few wins she has managed were often in insignificant matches. This stark decline in her career trajectory is in contrast to her previous dominance.

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Bayley Is The Unsung Hero Of WWE

Bayley’s legacy within WWE extends far beyond the titles she’s won or the matches she’s competed in. She has been a source of inspiration for countless women in the wrestling world. Many of the current WWE women’s roster have publicly acknowledged Bayley as a significant influence on their careers. Recently, Triple H spoke about Bayley during a press conference following WWE Fastlane. He said, “The unsung all-star of that Women’s division, Bayley continues to just prove why she is one of the most valuable players & MVP of that division like nobody else, and I don’t know that she’s ever given credit for that, but she absolutely should be.”


However, as admirable as Bayley’s selflessness has been, there comes a point when it’s necessary to refocus on personal goals. While Bayley has been generous in putting over other talents, her own career trajectory has suffered as a result. Her recent betrayal teases with Iyo Sky have created an opportunity for her to pivot from the selfless mentor role to the ambitious competitor she once was. By betraying Iyo Sky and pursuing her own championship ambitions, Bayley would not only rekindle her career but also create compelling storylines for WWE fans. She needs to start winning matches and championships once again.

Her continued losing streak not only fails to elevate her opponents but also threatens her legacy. If Bayley is perceived as too easy to defeat, she won’t be able to elevate anyone, ultimately harming the division she has worked so hard to build. Just look at her fellow horsewomen Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch. They have also put other talent over, but they do it once in a while, so it means something. They don’t keep consistently losing, that way they secure their own legacy and help out the division Bayley needs to end this selfless losing streak and gain back her dominance, because she is the greatest of all time.

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