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Why Cody Rhodes Will Not Win The 2024 Royal Rumble Match


  • Cody Rhodes’ path to victory at the Royal Rumble 2024 may be more elusive than it seems, despite his triumphant return and impressive accomplishments since WrestleMania 38.
  • WWE typically avoids repeating the same Royal Rumble match victor in consecutive years, making Cody’s quest for a second consecutive win a rarity.
  • The presence of contenders like LA Knight, Gunther, and the returning CM Punk, with compelling narratives yet untold, have shifted the focus and favor away from Cody Rhodes as the potential winner of the Royal Rumble.

In the world of WWE, where each twist and turn shapes destinies and storylines, one name has stood out prominently—Cody Rhodes. Since his triumphant return at WrestleMania 38, Rhodes has etched his legacy with victories and heartbreaks alike. As the anticipation builds for the upcoming Royal Rumble, whispers of Cody’s potential triumph echo through the WWE universe. However, behind the curtain of speculation lies a web of intricacies and unforeseen challenges that may thwart his quest for glory. Even though it may disappoint Cody Rhodes’ fans, one cannot deny the compelling reasons why his path to victory at the Royal Rumble 2024 might be more elusive than it seems.

Cody Rhodes Has Been The MVP Of WWE

Examining His Momentum Since WrestleMania 38

Ever since his impactful return at WrestleMania 38, Cody Rhodes has been a dominant force in WWE. Despite not capturing the WWE Universal Title from Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 39, he has remained a consistent top-tier talent. Fans have witnessed him engage in historic battles, notably defeating Seth Rollins and standing toe-to-toe with the formidable Brock Lesnar in a heated feud. Cody’s resilience and in-ring prowess have endeared him to the WWE faithful.

His announcement to enter the Royal Rumble in 2024 has sparked a renewed sense of hope among fans. The prospect of him securing a second chance at headlining WrestleMania, this time potentially against Roman Reigns, adds layers to his already compelling narrative. However, beneath the surface of this hopeful resurgence lies a complex set of challenges and uncertainties that may hinder Cody’s aspirations, making his journey towards Royal Rumble victory a narrative filled with both promise and potential pitfalls. Cody’s current accomplishments since his WWE return have been extraordinary.



WrestleMania 38

Returned and defeated Seth Rollins

Feud with Brock Lesnar

Beat Brock Lesnar in a heated feud

Dismantling The Bloodline

Played a role in dismantling The Bloodline

Royal Rumble 2023

Won the Royal Rumble match

WrestleMania 39

Headlined against Roman Reigns but suffered a loss

Why Cody Rhodes Will Not Win At Royal Rumble 2024

Few Repeat Royal Rumble Winners

Despite Cody Rhodes’ remarkable momentum since his return, the prospect of him winning the Royal Rumble for a second consecutive year in 2024 presents a considerable challenge. WWE, known for its penchant for fresh narratives and unexpected twists, typically avoids repeating the same Rumble match victor in consecutive years. The intricate dance of storytelling requires new faces and evolving dynamics, making Cody’s repeat victory a rarity.

Furthermore, the crux of the matter lies in the aftermath of his previous Royal Rumble triumph. In 2023, Cody’s victory led him to the grand stage of WrestleMania, where he faced Roman Reigns in a headline bout. The outcome, however, was not in his favor. Repeating this scenario could risk diminishing the stakes and the allure of the storyline. If Cody were to secure a second Rumble win and choose Roman Reigns once again, the challenge becomes twofold. Roman Reigns, amid his unprecedented and record-breaking title reign, has established himself as the cornerstone of WWE’s success. He’s earning them record gates and business, so it’s unlikely they will take the title off him in a few months at WrestleMania. And that means Cody will be booked to lose again.


Cody Rhodes Says The Rock Won’t Be Taking His Spot At WrestleMania 40

With Cody Rhodes looking to finish his story against Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40, he’s not letting The Rock get in his way.

Not only would this mirror the previous year’s narrative, but it would also cast a shadow over the credibility of Cody Rhodes as a top-tier competitor. The optics of him losing twice in consecutive WrestleMania main events could potentially tarnish the legacy he has meticulously built since his return.

Cody Rhodes Is No Longer The Favorite To Win The Royal Rumble

LA Knight, Gunther, And CM Punk Are Contenders


As the Royal Rumble approaches, the landscape of WWE teems with potential contenders, each harboring aspirations of WrestleMania glory. While Cody Rhodes undoubtedly commands attention, the realm of possibilities introduces a critical question: Are there contenders with equally compelling narratives yet untold? The answer is yes, with the likes of LA Knight and Gunther being thrown in the mix but just recently, the favorite to win the Rumble match changed. And that man is the returning CM Punk.


CM Punk Needs To Be A Babyface In WWE

CM Punk came back to WWE with one of the loudest fan ovations you’ll ever hear. For both WWE and CM Punk, it’s important to make him a babyface.

Punk’s decade-long hiatus has only intensified the fervor surrounding his comeback, creating an unparalleled buzz. His redemption arc aligns seamlessly with the emotive fabric of WWE storytelling, offering a tantalizing prospect of facing Seth Rollins for the world title at WrestleMania 40. The story is already there. CM Punk left WWE for a host of reasons, for which one was him not getting the main event of WrestleMania. Winning this Rumble and going for his rival Seth Rollins and the world title will finally redeem his story arc. And compared to a repeat story of Reigns and Cody, this story is a much more compelling one for the Royal Rumble match.

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