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Why did Joaquin Phoenix say no to Doctor Strange?

Joaquin Phoenix is ​​one of the Hollywood actors who turned down a role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He went on to play the Joker in DC movies, and the superhero fan was excited, but Faith had other intentions. But because he turned down the role of Doctor Strange in the MCU, Marvel was forced to tweak their hiring procedures. Here’s the whole story of what really happened during the hiring process.

Imagine if Joker actor Joaquin joined the MCU as the Ultimate Wizard. As much as this question got us excited, it was a possibility until Marvel and Joaquin had a disagreement over mutual reasons. Due to the actor’s refusal to commit to the project’s multi-film pact and significant publicity obligations, Benedict Cumberbatch was cast in the title role as Stephen Strange, a haughty neurosurgeon turned master of the mystical arts.

In an interview with The Direct, former Marvel Studios lead production attorney Paul Sarker explained how the rejection of Joaquin Phoenix’s Doctor Strange led Kevin Feige to modify the hiring procedure and the contract of the actors taking on the role. . Joaquin was unable to participate in the Infinity Saga, which had an impact on the MCU’s recruitment procedure.

As events unfold, it also gives Marvel its own flexibility because a fix can be made at short notice if fans love a certain actor or actress. The talent was inspired to sign up for other Marvel productions after seeing the good response from the public.

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Why Did Joaquin Phoenix Say No To Doctor Strange?

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