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Why do supporters of Taylor Swift desire that she “leave” Travis Kelce following the Super Bowl?

The biggest game of the season, the Super Bowl LVIII between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 40ers, has already sparked passionate reactions. Even though there was already a lot of excitement and energy on the football field, the Chiefs tight end also got involved, but off the field and on the sidelines.

Fans of Taylor Swift have turned to social media, demanding that she “break up” with the football player, in response to his behavior with coach Andy Reid. This has sparked a heated online debate. When the Chiefs star went too far and almost knocked the 65-year-old coach off his feet, things became heated.

Swifties have been gushing about Travis and Taylor’s relationship, calling it all kinds of cute. Things changed, though, when Kelce lost his temper with Reid. The NFL player’s team’s mistakes during the game allowed him to vent his displeasure. The second quarter against the 49ers wasn’t all smiles, even if the squad eventually prevailed. Kelce lost his composure and grabbed the head coach to let out his pent-up rage as he watched the Chiefs fail to score. Being excluded from the game early on infuriated him.

Later, things calmed down. Reid went so far as to inform ESPN that there was no ill will and that Kelce had apologized. Swifties are still angry with Kelce over his “anger issues,” though. They took swift action to voice their worries. Later, Kelce spoke about the incident at a press conference. “I owe my entire career to that guy,” he said.

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