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Why Jeff Jarrett left WWE in 1995, explained

There’s no denying Jeff Jarrett’s legendary name in the professional wrestling business, despite getting a somewhat divided reception throughout his in-ring career. Someone who made a name for himself WWE, WCW and Impact Wrestling, Jarrett is a multi-time world champion and has one of the most impressive resumes. Yet for all his accomplishments, Jarrett is a controversial figure in the professional wrestling industry, especially since he first worked for Vince McMahon in the 1990s. And like Jeff Jarrett’s past troubles With WWE being well documented, it’s worth remembering why he left WWE in 1995 during his early days with the company.

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The early success of Jeff Jarrett’s WWE career

Jeff Jarrett Intercontinental Champion In Your House 2

The son of famed promoter Jerry Jarrett, professional wrestling was in Jeff Jarrett’s blood from the very beginning. Not long after making his professional wrestling debut in 1986, Jarrett got his big break in WWE during the early years of the company’s Next Generation era. Although he appeared with the company several times after 1992, Jarrett debuted his “Double J” gimmick in October 1993 as an obnoxious country singer.

A little over a year after making his WWE debut, he found championship success when he defeated Razor Ramon to win his first Intercontinental Championship at Royal Rumble 1995. He went on to win the Intercontinental Championship two more times that same year, when Jarrett began to thrive as a prominent character on WWE TV. Jeff Jarrett was also paired with former WWE Superstar The Roadie, better known as Road Dogg.

Why did Jeff Jarrett leave WWE in 1995?

Jeff Jarrett Shawn Michaels In Your House 2

Although Jeff Jarrett had the potential to take his WWE career to the next level, not long after winning his third Intercontinental Championship, he took many months off from WWE after relinquishing the belt to Shawn Michaels at In Your House 2, breaking up. of Roadie in the process. Jeff Jarrett’s partner Roadie would leave WWE until he returned to the company in 1996, where he rose to stardom teaming with Billy Gunn as The New Age Outlaws during his second run.

Regarding why Jeff Jarrett left WWE, he has told his side of the story on the Something To Wrestle With podcast. According to him, he left WWE due to creative differences, also citing his opposition to WWE separating him and Roadie. Although Jeff Jarrett stated that WWE could do whatever they wanted with regards to his on-screen persona, he felt that it was too soon to break his relationship with Roadie because he believed they had more to offer.

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Jeff Jarrett returns and leaves WWE during the Attitude Era


Jeff Jarrett spent some time in the United States Wrestling Association before briefly returning to WWE in early 1996, though it didn’t come to much. He later officially left WWE after wrestling his last PPV match during his first run, losing to Ahmed Johnson at Royal Rumble 1996. The same year he left WWE, he jumped ship to rival organization World Championship Wrestling, marking his first season with the company. before returning in 1999.

RELATED: 10 Things About Jeff Jarrett’s Career That Didn’t Make SenseHowever, Jeff Jarrett would eventually return to WWE in late 1997, establishing himself among the characters of the early years of the Attitude Era. And while Jarrett’s WWE career during the Attitude Era isn’t as renowned, he racked up more championship wins on his resume. Until he left the company at the end of 1999, he won the Intercontinental Championship three more times, making him a six-time Intercontinental Champion.

Jeff Jarrett WCW World Heavyweight Champion

Jeff Jarrett’s final days during his second WWE run turned bittersweet when he once again left the company after wrestling his last WWE match before returning to WCW, losing the Intercontinental Championship to Chyna at No. Mercy 1999. Considering the events that transpired, Jeff Jarrett asked for $200,000 to wrestle at No Mercy 1999, there’s a reason he wasn’t presented in the best light after leaving the company. It would be nearly two decades before Jeff Jarrett returned to WWE, this time with open arms when he was inducted into the 2018 WWE Hall of Fame.

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