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Why Jinder Mahal Doesn’t Deserve The Hate He Gets


  • Jinder Mahal’s recent controversy was sparked by his confrontation with Seth Rollins, which led to social media frenzy and criticism from AEW’s Tony Khan.
  • Fans disliked Jinder Mahal becoming WWE Champion in 2017, viewing it as a push to tap into the Indian market, resulting in a lackluster championship run.
  • Despite fan disapproval, Jinder Mahal has excelled as a heel, shown dedication and resilience in his WWE journey, and received praise from Triple H for his work ethic.

In the unpredictable world of professional wrestling, fans’ opinions on performers can be as volatile as the storylines themselves. One name that has consistently stirred controversy is WWE‘s Jinder Mahal. However, beyond the surface of fan disapproval lies a narrative that demands a closer look. Recent events, fueled by social media clashes and unexpected criticisms from wrestling executives, have thrust Jinder into the spotlight once again. Yet, behind the curtain of disdain, there exists a compelling story of resilience, transformation, and dedication. With AEW President Tony Khan going on one of his Twitter tirades once more, this time on Jinder Mahal, it’s worth exploring why the hate may be unwarranted and unveiling the layers that make him a misunderstood figure in the realm of professional wrestling.

Jinder Mahal’s Recent Controversy Started With Seth Rollins

AEW’s Tony Khan Mocked Jinder Mahal On Social Media


The wrestling world experienced a seismic shift when Jinder Mahal crossed paths with World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins on WWE Raw. A seemingly routine confrontation quickly escalated into a social media frenzy, catching the attention of both WWE and AEW fans. The situation took an unexpected turn when Tony Khan, the President of AEW, decided to weigh in on the matter. It all began with a promo exchange between Mahal and Rollins, signaling the potential for a feud that divided opinions among the live audience. However, the real storm erupted when the USA network, in a tweet reminiscent of a roast, questioned the Cagematch rating for a previous encounter between Mahal and Rollins in NXT. The tone of the tweet appeared to mock the credibility of a potential matchup between the two on the main stage.

In a twist that surprised many, Tony Khan seized the opportunity to comment on what he perceived as a double standard within the industry. Drawing a comparison to an AEW scenario involving Hook and AEW Champion Samoa Joe, Khan accused WWE fans of overlooking the placement of Jinder Mahal, a wrestler who hadn’t tasted victory in quite some time, in the world title scene. This unexpected commentary drew the ire of not only WWE fans but also industry critics, who deemed it a petty and unnecessary remark.


WWE Fans Are Now Expecting Jinder Mahal To Win The World Title On Raw

The difference an owner of a wrestling promotion yelling into the void can make.

Fans Hated Jinder Mahal Becoming WWE Champion

Jinder Mahal Beat Randy Orton For The WWE Championship In 2017


Jinder Mahal WWE Title Reign Details

Won WWE Title

Backlash 2017, defeating Randy Orton

Lost WWE Title

SmackDown, defeated by AJ Styles

Reign Duration

170 days

Jinder Mahal has faced criticism from WWE fans for various aspects, ranging from his promos to his overall presentation. The pinnacle of this discontent was his reign as WWE Champion in 2017, defeating Randy Orton at Backlash. Many fans believed he was pushed into this position to tap into the Indian market, leading to a lackluster championship run and subsequent unsuccessful storylines.

Mahal’s reign at the top lasted for 170 days, but it failed to leave a lasting imprint on the memories of fans. Despite capturing the United States title at WrestleMania 34, his subsequent eight-day reign did little to silence his detractors. From those headline-grabbing moments, Jinder Mahal found himself in a series of storylines and factions that failed to gain traction.


Why Jinder Mahal’s WWE Championship Reign Was Hated By Fans

Unremarkable WWE midcard wrestler Jinder Mahal shockingly became WWE Champion in 2017 but his reign is hated by fans to this day.

Jinder Mahal Has Been A Great Heel In WWE

Triple H Raves About Jinder Mahal

While Jinder Mahal may find himself at the receiving end of fan disapproval, there are compelling reasons to reconsider the narrative surrounding him. Firstly, Jinder Mahal’s primary role within WWE is that of a heel. If he is indeed being hated, it indicates that he’s effectively executing his role as a heel. Secondly, Jinder Mahal’s journey in WWE is a testament to his dedication and resilience. Following his initial release, Mahal undertook a significant physical transformation, not only changing his physique but also revamping his overall appearance. Fans even then criticized him for possibly using drugs to improve his physique, but as made clear in an interview with The Times of India, WWE has regular drug testing, and he, like all his fellow WWE stars, achieved his fitness through hard work.

Thirdly, beyond the scripted world of WWE, Jinder Mahal has consistently demonstrated warmth and professionalism in his interactions with fans, particularly catering to WWE’s massive Indian fanbase. Whether at meet and greets or external WWE events, Mahal is known for representing the company with courtesy and approachability, showcasing a side of him that transcends his on-screen persona. Fourthly, it’s not only fans who have acknowledged Jinder Mahal’s work ethic. Even Triple H, the head of WWE Creative, has praised Mahal’s dedication to self-improvement. In an interview with USA Today, he said:

“Jinder is a guy who has always worked extremely hard. He trains hard; he’s very intense about what he wants with his career; he’s very thoughtful. From the second he’s been back it’s been, ‘What else can I do to make this work? What else can I do to improve? What else can I do to get to the next level?’ It takes time.”

Fifthly, Jinder Mahal himself has spoken out against the criticism surrounding his WWE Championship reign in an interview with GiveMeSport. He contends that the negative perception, rooted in the belief that it was merely an attempt to cater to Indian fans, unfairly diminishes the hard work he put into achieving that milestone. Mahal points out the double standard, highlighting that similar accusations are not leveled against champions from other countries. As Triple H said, “It takes time, and hence the argument that Jinder Mahal hasn’t won matches recently shouldn’t overshadow the possibility of a resurgence in his career. As he enters 2024, the wrestling landscape may offer new opportunities and storylines for Mahal to showcase his skills, and he’s earned a second chance.

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