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Why Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa Reuniting Will Not Save Their WWE Raw Careers


  • Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa’s reunion on RAW raises hopes but their past glory might not be enough to secure lasting success on the main roster.
  • Gargano and Ciampa struggled to connect with the main roster audience due to lack of character development and inconsistent storytelling.
  • The timing of their faction reunion on RAW is unfortunate, as WWE is already crowded with established factions that have captured fan engagement and DIY lacks a prominent figurehead to stand out.

Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa, two stalwarts of NXT, embraced once more on WWE’s flagship show, RAW. It was a reunion that sparked nostalgia and raised hopes among fans who had witnessed the electrifying journey of DIY in NXT. However, as the dust settled and the cheers faded, a pressing question emerged: Can Gargano and Ciampa’s reunion save their WWE Raw careers? DIY’s journey in NXT was nothing short of iconic, featuring epic matches, title triumphs, and a betrayal that etched their names in wrestling lore. As they step onto the main roster stage, it becomes evident that their past glory might not be enough to secure a lasting place in the hearts of the WWE Universe.

Tommaso Ciampa And Johnny Gargano’s NXT History

Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa’s tenure in NXT stands as a testament to their wrestling prowess and storytelling abilities. They not only clashed in unforgettable battles against each other but also formed one of the most beloved tag teams in recent memory, DIY. Their journey together began as they joined forces to conquer the tag team division, leading to a climactic moment when they captured the NXT Tag Team Championships.


However, the zenith of their alliance was followed by a heartbreaking betrayal that unfolded in dramatic fashion. Ciampa’s shocking attack on Gargano shattered the foundation of DIY and set the stage for a feud that would captivate the wrestling world. Fans were emotionally invested in the complex dynamics between these two friends and turned bitter enemies. Despite the turmoil, DIY managed to have sporadic reunions, both as allies and adversaries, which added layers to their story. It’s crucial to recognize that their success story was predominantly confined to the passionate NXT audience. While NXT has grown in stature over the years, it remains WWE’s developmental brand, and the transition to the main roster is often a challenging endeavor.

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Ciampa And Gargano Have Struggled To Connect With The Main Roster Audience

Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa’s journey from NXT to the main roster is a classic tale of talent encountering hurdles in the transition. Gargano’s absence from WWE television for an extended period created a void that was challenging to fill. Fans had grown accustomed to his passionate and underdog persona in NXT, but on the main roster, he struggled to find a character that resonated. Ciampa, on the other hand, found himself in one-off feuds and lacked the consistency needed to build a strong connection with the audience. When Gargano did return, the initial buzz quickly faded, revealing a glaring issue: their characters on RAW lacked depth and dimension.


Gargano’s character lacked the emotional depth that fans had grown to love, and Ciampa’s ruthless edge was softened. The nuances that made them stand out in NXT were missing, leaving fans without a clear reason to invest emotionally in their main roster journeys. WWE’s booking decisions during their initial years on the main roster also played a significant role in this disconnect, as both superstars were often placed in storylines and feuds that failed to tap into their full potential. In essence, while the reunion of Gargano and Ciampa as DIY on RAW may have sparked momentary excitement, it’s vital to acknowledge that their difficulties in connecting with the main roster audience are deeply rooted in the lack of character development, inconsistent storytelling, and unfortunate timing. RELATED: Backstage Details About WWE’s Decision To Shock With Johnny Gargano Return

WWE Is Crowded With Factions

Currently, in WWE, factions have become a dominant force. These groups not only provide a sense of camaraderie and unity among wrestlers but also serve as a powerful tool for character development and fan engagement. However, for Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa, the timing of their reunion as a faction on WWE RAW could not have been less opportune. WWE is awash with factions that have captured the imagination of fans. From The Bloodline to The Judgment Day, from the LWO (Latino World Order) to the powerful Imperium and the rebellious Damage CTRL, each faction has a distinctive identity and a marquee name at its forefront. These factions have redefined what it means to be a part of WWE’s storytelling, with each group contributing to the overarching narrative uniquely.


One of the primary reasons DIY’s return to WWE RAW may not generate the same excitement as other factions is the absence of a prominent figurehead. The aforementioned factions all have leaders or established stars who serve as the focal point and driving force behind their respective groups. In contrast, DIY lacks a comparable marquee name. While Gargano and Ciampa undoubtedly possess immense talent and a dedicated fan base, they have yet to achieve the same level of mainstream recognition and star power as the leaders of other factions. Furthermore, the wrestling audience has a limited capacity for emotional investment. With so many factions vying for their attention and allegiance, DIY’s late arrival in the party makes it even more difficult to stand out. Fans have already developed strong attachments to existing factions, making it a daunting task for a reunited DIY to capture their hearts.

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