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Why LA Knight Vs. Logan Paul Is Perfect For WWE WrestleMania 40 


  • LA Knight became a fan favorite in 2023, bouncing back from a bad match to maximize his charisma and win over the WWE audience.
  • Knight and Logan Paul have a history in WWE, clashing in promos before Money in the Bank 2023, and a feud between them is highly anticipated.
  • While a world title victory may be unlikely, Knight winning the United States Championship at WrestleMania 40 would be a significant moment and could elevate the title’s importance with the star power of Logan Paul.

LA Knight recently brushed with the main event scene in WWE after a super strong wave of support from a raucous audience. Since Knight shed off the Max Dupri gimmick under the new creative leadership of Triple H, he instantly got over with the WWE audience, who have bought into his catchphrases, promos, and overall act. According to Wrestlenomics, Knight is among the top merchandise sellers in WWE today, which just goes to show how over he is right now. After a recent world title challenge came up short, WWE’s next big task is to not ruin Knight, and a WrestleMania showdown with Logan Paul is exactly what the company should be aiming for next.

WWE Needs To Build On LA Knight’s Momentum

Became A Fan Favorite In 2023

After having one of the worst matches of the year against Bray Wyatt at the 2023 Royal Rumble, LA Knight bounced back on his charisma alone. He maximized every second he had on television despite not really being featured in any prominent feuds over the next few months. There was a big push for him to be featured at WrestleMania 39, though nothing came to fruition. A similar trend took place in the build to Money in the Bank 2023, with fans wanting him to be given the briefcase. Unfortunately, he came up short and didn’t win the briefcase. Finally, at SummerSlam, he scored a big PPV win in a battle royal, and since then, things have only been on the up.

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Knight took on The Miz in a winning effort on the next show, and then teamed up with John Cena to defeat Solo Sikoa and Jimmy Uso of The Bloodline, being given the proverbial rub from Cena in the aftermath. This led to a match with Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship in his very first PPV main event at Crown Jewel. There was one problem with this though, and that is the potential nose-dive he could face in the aftermath. The likes of Drew McIntrye and Sami Zayn suffered after losses to Reigns, and didn’t really recover their momentum from these big defeats. WWE cannot do the same with Knight. He is simply too popular and has too much potential to continue being a top star.

LA Knight And Logan Paul Have History In WWE Already

Met During Promos In The Ring

LA Knight Logan Paul WWE

LA Knight’s next steps should see the beginning of a build for the Road to WrestleMania for a feud with Logan Paul. It won’t be hard to build this, especially since they already have a history with one another. In the lead-up to Money in the Bank 2023, wherein both Knight and Paul were participants, they clashed heads in multiple segments, throwing jibes at each other in promos. In fact, it very much felt as though WWE were building to a singles match between the two, but it never came about. They very clearly had chemistry though, and they could easily pick this back up at any time.

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When speaking on The Bump earlier this year, Knight even teased a feud with Paul, “Logan Paul is another guy who reminds me of The Miz. The difference is Logan Paul is a new face to this whole thing, but they kinda remind me of one and the same. Two guys who have gotten to ride that elevator ride straight to the top, and good for you. I can’t say anything wrong with that, if they’re going to give it to you, go ahead and take full advantage. But you got to understand that I’m going to come up and pull that carpet right out from under you and he might be one of the next ones.” H/T Wrestling Inc.

LA Knight Needs To Become United States Champion At WrestleMania 40

Logan Paul Won U.S. Title At Crown Jewel

Logan Paul Defeats Rey Mysterio, Wins WWE United States Championship At Crown Jewel

Most fans assumed that with Knight’s age and the sea of top stars in WWE today that a world title victory was out of the question. However, a run with the United States Championship would be a good consolation prize, especially if the star power of Logan Paul manages to elevate the gold over the next few months. The United States Championship has had an up and down time in recent years, but with the likes of Paul and Knight, the title could receive a huge surge in importance.

Name Of Champion

Date Won

Length of Reign (days)

Number Of Successful Televised Defences

Logan Paul

11/4/23 Crown Jewel



Rey Mysterio

08/11/23 SmackDown



Austin Theory

11/26/22 Survivor Series



Seth Rollins

10/10/22 Raw



Bobby Lashley

07/02/22 Money In The Bank



Austin Theory

04/18/22 Raw



Finn Balor

02/28/22 Raw



Damian Priest

08/21/21 SummerSlam




04/11/21 WrestleMania 37



Matt Riddle

02/21/21 Elimination Chamber



*Last 10 WWE United States Champions

WWE loves to make WrestleMania moments, and Knight becoming a champion on the Grandest Stage Of Them All would be sure to make one hell of a moment that the crowd would become unglued for. Paul has hit the heights in nearly every match of his in WWE so far, and with the investment fans have in Knight, this would likely be a very enjoyable clash.

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