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Why Sable left WWE in 2004, explained

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  • Brock Lesnar reveals why Sable left WWE in 2004

In the world of professional wrestling, few superstars have been able to capture the imagination of fans quite like Sable. From her stunning looks to her captivating charisma, Rena Greek, better known by the ring name Ella Sable, became an iconic figure during her time with WWE. However, his departure from the company in 2004 continues to be the subject of discussion and speculation among wrestling fans. Sable’s groundbreaking WWE career, marked by her unique combination of athleticism and sex appeal, helped pave the way for the “Divas” era and showcased the potential for female wrestlers to transcend the boundaries of sports-entertainment.

Sable’s WWE career

During her WWE tenure, Sable achieved considerable success both in and out of the ring. She held the WWE Women’s Championship on one occasion, and her feuds with notable wrestlers such as Luna Vachon and Jacqueline are still remembered as some of the most entertaining stories from that era. Sable’s ability to connect with the audience and create captivating rivalries showcased her versatility as a performer. Sable’s impact extended far beyond her accomplishments in the ring. She was a pivotal figure in ushering in the era of mainstream recognition for female fighters. Her captivating presence and popularity transcended the world of wrestling and earned her numerous opportunities outside of WWE. Sable graced the covers of major magazines and appeared in television shows and movies. Her success helped blur the lines between sports-entertainment and mainstream entertainment, opening doors for future WWE Superstars.

Saber Vince McMahon Women's Champion

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Most famously, she was featured on the cover of Playboy magazine on three different occasions, which at the time was considered groundbreaking for any WWE diva. After a brief hiatus from WWE, Sable made a surprising return to the company in 2003, but this time with a whole new persona. In a controversial storyline, Sable was introduced as Vince McMahon’s lover, injecting a dose of scandal and drama into the world of professional wrestling. However, as with any polarizing character, Sable’s portrayal as Vince McMahon’s lover drew its share of criticism. Some argued that the story objectified women and perpetuated negative stereotypes.

Brock Lesnar reveals why Sable left WWE in 2004

Sable’s journey in WWE was not without its challenges. In 1999, he shocked the wrestling world when he left the company and filed a lawsuit against WWE, seeking $110 million in damages. Sable alleged sexual harassment and unsafe working conditions, painting a picture of a toxic environment behind the scenes. During the course of legal proceedings, Sable gradually reduced her monetary demands on him and eventually settled with WWE outside of the courtroom.

Saber kissing Brock Lesnar

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Sable returned victorious to WWE in 2003, marking the start of his second tenure with the organization. It was during this period that he crossed paths with Brock Lesnar and eventually married, strengthening his connection to the wrestling community. However, in 2004, Sable decided to part ways with WWE once again. Unlike his previous outing, she was friendly this time. Sable explained that her decision was primarily driven by a desire to prioritize spending quality time with his family. In her book Death Clutch: My Story of Determination, Domination and Survival, Lesnar revealed, “I wanted to marry Rena. However, before I could do this, I needed her to get out of WWE. ‘If we want a relationship,’ I told her, ‘neither of us can work for that company. We both know the long-term side effects of everything there.’ It would have been an easy decision.” Sable has not set foot in WWE since his departure.

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